Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Green Babies!

Hey all! Today's post is a just a quickie and there is no layout I am sharing today. BUT.... I was out in my garden this morning while I was watering. I love to look at my "green babies" as everyone knows. And this is what I saw:

Pumpkins (I think...they could be cantaloupe)

Sweet Banana Peppers

My goodness! What a neat surprise I had this morning! :) I love that my babies are doing well. :) I also have a lot of roma tomatoes coming too! :) TeeHee! :)

Thanks for stopping! :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

U ROCK!!!!

Hey all- I am so happy that it has been only about 2 weeks since I last blogged and I hope it gets closer and closer in the gaps. :) I have been bitten again by my "Scrappin' Bug"! I wonder where it has been hiding. I sure hope she isn't afraid of the "Gardenin' Bug". Believe me....both can co-exist quite nicely in my life. :) TeeHee! :)

So, here is a question I asked on FB last night: Have you ever seen a pic when you were looking over all of your pics for scrapbooking and been just AUTOMATICALLY INSPIRED???? I am not sure I asked it with quite that much zest, but I did ask it. :) Well, friends, I did just THAT just last night.
I was looking over some pics on my camera and BOOM!--there was a group that SLAPPED me! :) I was inspired to create this:

Yes, this is Miss Sasha, our Aspiring Rock Star. She loves to ROCK OUT! :) Especially to Katy Perry's- "Hot N Cold". This is new for me, because while I can be out there at times and very out going, my first child, Jon, isn't quite the performer..although he IS very out going. :) Sasha will perform where ever, when ever the time seems right--well, to her. ;)

Journaling reads: June '10- Uncle Jack let you use his sunglasses and you had just gotten your own Rock Guitar for your b-day and you loved performing...Especially to Katy Perry's... Hot N Cold. You are such a performer even at 3 years old!

A little side note: Sasha has been calling guitars "rock guitars" for a while. We went to one of Jon's friend's houses the other day to pick up the boys for a trip to the waterpark and Sasha walks right in and the kid's mom had a guitar right in the sun room as you walk in and Sasha got so excited and says: "OOH, a rock guitar!" (Thanks Cynthia!)

What I used: Here's the deal...I hate making lists for my creative stuff the way I used to. I am just gonna write it in the paragraph and I think most of my reader's are smart enough to get what I am saying. AND..remember you can ALWAYS email me if you want me to clarify and I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to tell you! :) OK?! :) BTW- I have a new email addy: Please put what post you are questioning on in the subject line.

I will say...I had originally bought the WeRMemory Keepers Teen Angst Paper Pack because I thought the papers were perfect for a lot of what I do when I am scrapping my son. BUT...I just had to use it for this LO. I also pulled out my American Crafts Metallic CS out and cut the "U Rock" and Guitar from the Hannah Montana Cricut Cart. I just love this cartridge. It is awesome for girl LOs. :) I also pulled out my Maya Road Office Sheers for the 1,2,3 journaling. :) The 1,2,and 3 were rub-ons from Kand Co. :)

Thanks for stopping! :) ((HUGS))

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Back.......(what I have been up to and what you can expect)

Hello Friends! :) How has everybody been? ME?! I have been a busy little bee just buzzing around in my garden, with my kids, trying to scrap here and there and trying to enjoy my self doing it. Yes, I was trying out for more design teams during this, but decided that when the time is right it will happen. Besides, I am still on the MOMS DT for now and that keeps me PLENTY busy..even if it is just dreaming up what looks good for what. TeeHee. I will tell ya though, Miss Jeanie has been up to a lot and as soon as she gives me the go ahead...I will share what she has been up too--through my eyes! :) That may make you go "hmm", but I know you will be as excited as me when I am able to reveal some "Jeanie Goodness". :)

I know I have said it before, but I am so sorry that I got so behind with my blog...AGAIN! I love sharing my life and I love reading comments, so there really isn't an excuse for me being absent from here and from you. I do a lot of Facebook, but if you don't follow me there then you don't know the ups and downs of my life, but more importantly the ups and downs of me. ;)

I really have been enjoying my gardening above all else though. I have veggies and some grapes and strawberries growing in my backyard. It is a very relaxing hobby for me. I am not sure if it is just the "mom" in me that has the need for it or just that I can zone when I am working out there. It's funny that I say work, because for me-it isn't work at all. :)

What is work? POTTY TRAINING! Yes, I have a 3 year old and she is potty training. I couldn't have had 2 more totally different children than Sasha and Jon. Jon was quick to learn everything. Now, before you jump to conclusions- I am not saying Sasha isn't smart or AS smart as Jon....BUT...she is so totally stubborn that I am sure that she KNOWS how to go potty, but won't because she LOVES getting changed. WHO KNOWS!? ;) I just know that she has days she LOVES going potty and days that she just has a stand off. I don't let her win, but I am usually the one that just says, "ok, let's revisit this."

While I am on the subject of work.....Tantrums...those are also a HUGE job to get through. I have had all kinds of friends and family alike giving me advice on getting through and/or getting rid of them. But, we have tried most of them without any success. We have good days and bad...I am finding that it may be a schedule thing for Sash. If I don't push her too long and make sure she gets down for a nap...she is golden., if we miss it? OMG! Don't be on my block if you have a headache.

As a lot of you know, I also have fibromyalgia and that keeps me from a lot of what I love so much. I am finding that if I take my supplements (Vitamin D, Co-Q10, and B12) though and sleep when I need to that I am ok for the most part and have minimal pain. It is when I am stubborn and PUSH through the pain that I tend to pay for a few days and then I am finding that I am more behind than ever. :P I still refuse to take any other prescriptions for it and I am trying to stick to my supplements and activity. Although, the activity part I need to get better at.

So there you have it. This is what I have been up to since the end of April. :) I have had a few school things with Jon and he has had a football camp he did, but I will post pics and/or scrapbooking layouts for that soon. I hope! ;)