Friday, December 4, 2009

My Best Friend (Layout)

Ok, so at the end of October, Jeanie gave me some 7gypsies stuff to work with and I was at a loss of what to make (I always have so much going on!). BUT....The Vicotira 8x8 2-sided paper scrapbook SO ME! :) I love the feminine designs and the vintage-y feel of it. :) I never ONCE thought I would be a "vintage" girl, but Jeanie and Stephanie Howell--not to mention Miss Jenni Bowlin have all inspired me in this area. When you have inspiration--it is hard not to love what you are looking at. :)

So, here is a story of this layout- The picture was taken in August of 2006. We went on a camping trip with my parents...that could have very easily been a nightmare. At the time, my mom had just gotten her transplant 7 months before and was still very hard to be around at time (now this has all changed...LIFE really has a way of turning itself around and showing each of us really matters....PRIDE isn't one of them!). Jon was around 7 and still in a not so "wanting-to-listen" mood most of the time AND he was a little boy and little boys are a little wild. :) BTW-we didn't have our little princess yet...that would happen in June the following year. ;)
We made the most of it and Garth and I have ALMOST no pics together since having children. :) So, while having breakfast, I had my camera right in front of me and then decided to take some pics. I am one of those people, now, that has almost perfected (at least for me) the art of the picture without a photographer. I am the only one that usually takes the pics so I have had to learn this if I want to be part of things in a pic and I don't have anyone to help me. :)

Ok, so I should probably share a little bit of me with you. Like most of you, my husband is my best friend. We have been through everything together (you have NO idea--and NO adultery isn't one of them--I am not, nor is he, that type of person) and are closer now than we have been...ever. :) When I hear this song, by Mr. Tim really touches my heart and I really feel like the words explain what I feel. :) It is one of my faves! :) So, here are the they touch you too?

My Best Friend- Tim McGraw

I never had no one-I could count on-I've been let down so many times-I was tired of hurtin'-So tired of searchin'-'Til you walked into my life-It was a feelin'-I never known-And for the first time-I didn't feel alone.

You're more than a lover-There could never be another-To make me feel the way you do-Oh we just get closer-I fall in love all over-Everytime I look at you-I don't know where I'd be-Without you here with me-Life with you makes perfect sense-You're my best friend- You're my best friend, oh yeah.

You stand by me-You believe in me-Like nobody ever has-When my world goes crazy-You're right there to save me-You make me see how much I have-And I still tremble-When we touch-And,oh, the look in your eyes-When we make love.

You're more than a lover-There could never be another-To make me feel the way you do-Oh we just get closer-I fall in love all over-Everytime I look at you-I don't know where I'd be-Without you here with me-Life with you makes perfect sense-You're my best friend-You're my best friend

So, here is what I used: 7Gypsies- Victoria 8x8 Scrapbook paper pack, Memories 97% sticker, Ranger Glossy Accents and Vintage Photo Distress ink pad, popdots, Memento marker (for journaling)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Tags!!!!

Ok, for now I have done 3 Christmas Tags. :) Jeanie from MOMS, who is also a very good friend, decided to give me some product and told me to DESIGN! Yep, that was all I had to do was design using the product she gave me. :) I could, of course, use some of my goodies. :) I did on most of my projects, but tried to stay with product that just MOMS sells. BTW, she also gave me some 7gypsies goodness, but that will be in another post! ;)

This tag was beyond fun! :) Everytime I do a tag, I have to use my FAVORITE tools. If any of you truely know know that is my non-stick craft mat and the foam ink applicators! I adore them! :) How I started the tag, though, was to use some self made Perfect Pearls Spray that Tim Holtz demo-ed a while back. The spray I used was made with Walnut Stain Distress Reinker and Gold Perfect Pearls. I sprayed the PP Spray on the craft mat and then put the tag in it. I thought that would be fun! ;) I waited for that to dry and then stamped the sweet Santa image using the stamp from Tim Holtz for Stamper's Anonymous - Just Believe with Jet Black Archival Ink from Ranger. Then, I inked the tag using Tim Holtz's Distress ink in Aged Mahogany, Pine Needles, and Brushed Courderoy. I thought it still needed something so I got out the STICKLES!!!!! I went around the decorative scrolling with Gold Ice Stickles. I finished up with the "Legend has it" Sticker from 7gypsies from my stash. :) But....I got the sticker sheet from MOMS. I used raffia instead of ribbon for the top.

I am really not sure why that picture is like that, but it's ok. :) I started this tag by painting the side with Tim Holtz Distress Crackle in Tarnished Brass (I am not sure if Jeanie sells this, but I know I got this from Michael's). I waited for it to dry (and crackle!!) and then I went over it with Distress Inks in Aged Mahogany, Pine Needles, and Brushed Courderoy. I then stamped the ATC card size stamp with the stars from Tim Holtz's for SA set-Eclectic Palette in Walnut Stain. I, then, stamped the stars from the SA Set-Psychedelic Grundge in Aged Mahogany and Pine Needles, just randomly. After all of that, I took a wet cloth (paper towel will work too) and just cleaned off where the crackle paint was. I alcohol inked some pine tree brads I have had for years with cranberry and lettuce alcohol ink and a piece of felt. {WARNING!!!!! You have to do this with your hands and not an applicator if you want it done and able to have the control to put the color where you want it. I am a control freak, so I did this by hand and there was some staining. ;) } I then out them on the tag. Then, I decided to get the Tim Holtz fragments out. These are a glass type of thing that add just the right dimension sometimes to what I am doing. I used Glossy Accents to stick them on. I decided that they really needed something so, I alcohol inked the fragmants in cranberry alcohol ink :) Finally, I did the age old trick of heating organdy ribbon from CTMH with my embossing gun for the top.

I started this one by using the Tim Holtz Paint Dabber in Gold and applied it to the Believe Stamp in the Stamper's Anonymous set- Just Believe. I, then, inked with the same inks I have used for all of these, Aged Mahogany, Pine Needles, and Brushed Courderoy. Then I used the Gold Paint Dabber again along the edges. :) So, fun! :) I then took a 12x12 piece of My Mind's Eye paper from their Merry Days of Christmas "Old St. Nick" paper. I used my 1" circle punch and punched out all the little Santa heads I thought I needed and then stuck them on randomly using pop-dots once in a while. Then, I used some Stickles in Ruby Slipper and Gold Ice and put squiggles and dots randomly on the tag. Finally, I used 2 ribbons to add some cuteness to the tag. :) I believe that they were from Michael's.

All three tags! I hope you enjoy! :) Are you ready for Christmas?! I'm NOT! ;)

Wow, AGAIN?!?!

Seriously---I need to get better at blogging! :) I really have so much to say and have so much I do and love to do, not just create. I really should be better at this; especially since I am such a talker in real life! :)

During October we had football! :) Jon was in tackle this year and it was his first year of it. He loves defense and he loved the game. Practices were a little gruelling...sometimes I think more for the parents than the boys. They had practice 3 times a week for 2 hours each night. By the end of the season, we were tired. I will share pics but haven't gotten them onto the computer yet....see how bad I am?! :P

I may give you all a BLOG OVERLOAD! I feel horrible, because just reading my comments again I realized I got a Blog Award from Suz Gray way back in the beginning of October, may be even September. I had all good intentions of doing what I needed to for the award, but I never got to it. I am horrible, but so appreciative Suz. Thanks so much and I appreciate that you thought I deserved any type of award.

Ok....get ready for some projects, layouts, a little bit of everything. I have missed blogging! :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blowin' Things Up!

I am so happy that I decided to do LOAD again this time! :) I may not have been able to keep up with the voraciousness that I had in May, but I am inspired and that makes it all worth it. :) On day 11 in May, I had over 15 layouts done...right now on LOAD Day 11..I have 4! ;)

A little back story to this layout of mine. :) On July 4th of this year, we finally decided to let Jon light off his OWN fireworks. If ANY of you truely know me then you know that this was one of the hardest things for me to do. Jon is my oldest, but it is still so hard for me to let go of him and let him grow the way he needs to. But, with a little of Garth's coaxing, I was ok with it. :)

One of the things that Jon HAD to do is blow up some of his "guys", you know...action figures. He had spent weeks picking out what he thought was the PERFECT combo of guys to BLOW UP.

In the end, he blew an arm off of one and burned another, but he got what he wanted out of it and loved the experience of it all. :)

The Layout

The little bit of journaling I did was on this star I cut from some MME paper.

I cut the "cool" from a DCWV "Boys" Transparancy booklet. I thought it was PERFECT!

Thanks for looking! :)

Friday, October 9, 2009


Ok, it feels so nice to be able to blog about my scrapbooking! :) This layout took a while to do, but I loved the result. I was very depressed about the pics at first, but I looked at the story and the pics started to be more than just pics. I love Garth and Sasha's relationship....she is such a Daddy's Girl and Garth is TOTALLY wrapped around her little finger. :)

BTW, we call her "Sash" a lot! :) Sometimes it is to describe her personality for the day and sometimes we just love that it has even more attitude than Sasha. :) Either way, I thought "Sash" was the way to go for the title of the layout. :)

The Layout! :)

I wrote on some of the pics! :)

I just loved these butterflies from Micheal's! :)

I pop-dotted some of the soccer balls I put on here. I cut THOSE with my CRICUT!

I also pop-dotted the "s's" of the title. I loved the dimension it added! :)

Thanks for looking! :) Happy Scrapping! :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Changes at 32 and an understanding of ME! :)

Something happened today while I was going through my blogs of the people I very much enjoy to read about. :) Some of them are local here in Great Falls and some, well most, are from everywhere. They are friendships I have made since August of last year and I can honestly say that I feel closer to a lot of them than I do other people I have known for years.

You would think I would have smartened up after a scrapbooking retreat I went to last year. But, no, I didn't until today. You see, I posted a long time ago on my old blog that I can't even find anymore that I KNEW who were friends to me. To me a friend is someone who has your back ALL THE TIME...not when it is convenient, makes them look good, or is the most popular choice. I am a person who has people's backs until I am simply shown I am not needed anymore or simply cast away.

Hmmm, that is a couple of words that makes me think...."CAST AWAY". It sounds like a very good term for how I have been feeling since last August. When life for me as far as friends go, took a somewhat funky turn. I met one of the most wonderful people (though we have sometimes disagreed) I know right now...she is ALL HEART and it is a PURE HEART. She had bought our local scrapbook store here and made it her own...she literally changed EVERYTHING. Some liked it, others...not so much. I remember being told by the past owner to go in and make her feel welcome and support her. I seemed to be the only one who did for a while. Yes, there were excuses like: "It's not the same", "there are too many changes", "it's no longer home" BLAH, BLAH, BLAH....E-X-C-U-S-E-S! There were also gossip, rumors, whatever.... going on to. Who knows who started it and who the heck cares anymore. All I know and remember is EVERYONE got hurt. Sides were taken, friendships were stressed, and now it seems unraveled. :(

I have been discouraged and saddened by this for a while now....until today. While I was reading the blogs of everyone I know.....yes, I have become a thing I have despised for a LONG time....a is even a CREEPY word for it. I decided....I am done. I was talking to Becky last night. Many of you know she is my BEST FRIEND and I always like what she has to say and I listen to her for a lot of reasons, the biggest one is because she is very calm when making decisions...where I am blunt and to the point. Anyways, she said that she was talking to an old friend and they were talking about some of the fun things about being in your 30s. One of them is that you really don't give a crap what people think anymore and you find out who your friends are. The other one entailed a 3 letter word that is adult, but THE fore-mentioned thought was what struck a cord with me. So, reading my blogs this morning, I realized that last year in August, sides were taken and lines were drawn on who would remain friends and who would fizzle. I loved everyone involved in this whole mess....well, except for the girl who attacked me. I didn't even know her except for from BUNKO and she expected me to defend her with something that I was told came from her mouth....see why gossip hurts so much? Anyways- as Christian as I am- most of you know I struggle with grace and forgiveness. I decided to forgive everyone body knew who did what...who was lying....what came from where. UGH...this list can go on forever. I remember Becky telling me to be careful and to really know how people are. I figured I knew these people longer than I knew her. How could I not know them?

Time went on and I started making awesome relationships through the store and started to realize my OLD friends were not anywhere to be seen most of the time. No phone calls, emails (unless they wanted to attack me on something, get some dirt, or thank me for something I did for them or said about their work or accomplishments...although I got a nice one from one that was sorry when the store had a fire and I lost the place I called home for a while), nothing. Even on the scrapbooking/papercrafting group I had been a part of for years was becoming less welcoming. I thought it was me and that I had done something. Then the web group decided it was time to call it quits because a lot of the people had been not active...some because of hurt feelings and other because of time. A lot of us tried to keep up with each other on FaceBook and others through personal emails. One even started a spin-off group that very few of us old members supported. I shake my head now because I knew in my heart this would happen, but I never realized how much real life could imitate a know, it is like a hen house. Most of these "hens" just decided to take their eggs and forget everything and everyone else.

While trying to contact a lot of them on Facebook....I saw another trend. I had them as friends, but they still cliqued together like school girls. I would comment on this one's new hair style, that one's neat pictures, whatever and I even tried to Facebook Friend a couple who ignored me...I just gave up. I thought we were all friends. It hurt to see them acknowledge each other and their faves when I had commented too. Then today....I got to see in pictures on one of my "friends" photo blogs that although last year they acted hurt and that everything had changed between them....nothing changed at all. They still hang and it's all good....I just am not longer going to waste my time on people who have only time for who and what they want. They comment where they want, they acknowledge where they want, they have get togethers that are exclusive, and expect no one to get hurt. Well, that is who got hurt....the person you treat as "no one".

So, I figured this. I know who has been acknowledging me, who treats me as a friend, who has been there, etc...if you are an adult and reading get the gist. I realized...I have FaceBook Friends, who are not "friends" to me at all. They have been nothing more than acquaintances for a while now. So, I want to keep my life and everything in it to those who I have decided to delete people who have turned into acquaintances.... I remember being so excited when I was able to be friends and keep up with so many of them on Facebook. They can see what I am up to on mutual friends' walls and stuff....but I am going with the fact that they will keep business as usual and not care. Which is fine, because after, mine and Becky's conversation last night....I don't care what people think anymore, I am tired of being the nice person, and I KNOW who my friends are.

For those of you who are my friends, you know...because we keep in touch a lot or comment each other's lives and what not. :)

Wow, this was very freeing.... I thought I would cry a lot more. :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Project, My Story (at least for now)

In August, I started a journal entry because of how lucky in life I feel right now. I really was feeling on top of the world on that day. :) I felt that God has blessed me with a great life, beautiful and healthy kids, a great hubby, and good health. I didn't think that this journal entry would have been as healing for me as it has see, I am still writing it and we are in almost to October and I am still not done.

I started writing from a place in my heart that I thought was totally gone and forgotten. If any of you have known me for more than a few years, you know that I have not ALWAYS felt like the luckiest person ever. In fact, for a while, it seemed as though luck, was the last thing I ever had. So that is where my story picked up. I felt that I needed to tell THE WHOLE STORY from the point where I felt very unlucky to now. It just made sense! :)

So, while I won't get into my story on my blog...I did want to share what I did to the notebook I started writing it in. :) It is me, and it is so fitting for the book that is telling my story from 2004 until today! :)

I will say that on this journey and writing I have been getting healed in ways I never thought I could. Thank You, God! :)

What I used: A Mead Spiral Notebook, Daisy D's Patterned Paper, (I also used DCWV patterned paper on the back inner cover for a pocket and Bo Bunny Dotted Cardstock for the back cover), Heidi Swapp for Advantus Iron on Letters and Ghost Butterflies, Doodlebug Designs Bling, Tim Holtz/Ranger Alcohol inks (lights for Ghosts and darker colors for charms), Paint Dabber (Pearl), So Charmed charms, A Touch of Trim Pearl and pink ribbon.

Monday, September 21, 2009

HUGS, LOVE, KISSES Layout and what's been up! :)

I am still in desparate need of getting better at blogging. I really do a lot of different projects and I really would love to be sharing them all with you. So, without further adeiu, I would like to share a layout that I did for the Tattered Angels DT call. I didn't get on the team, but I have also decided that I really need to enjoy what I do again! :) I was trying out for so many design teams that I forgot to have fun and love what I am doing. :) When I would get rejected..I took it personal and thought it was because I wasn't good enough to get on. When in reality, I am just not what they are looking for. AND....I will not comform what I do to match what people think I should be making or designing. TAKE ME AS I AM------is my new motto! :) Not to worry though, fans of my famous, IT'S ALL GOOD, motto...I will still use that! :)

So, here is: HUGS, LOVE, KISSES!

What I used: Basic Grey Bittersweet 12x12 patterened paper, cardstock stickers and journaling tag. Tattered Angels Glimmer mists, Glimmer Chips, and Glimmer Glass. Bling from Michael's. Memento Marker Pens. Lace from Michael's $1 bin!

I will also be getting better at taking multiple pics of layouts that I have added dimension to. :) I wasn't able to with this layout, but it was also one of my first layouts like this that I have layered dimension on. :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pieces of Me

A few weeks ago, I was reading my daily blogs and came across this, at one of my daily reads at Lain Ehmann's Blog. :) She is doing a list of 5's lately. I love it....almost always I am inspired by Lain and what she puts on her blog. She has put everything on there from books she wants to read to exercise equipment she wants to get or really likes. :)

Well, in her 5 Fave's for August 17th, she had put 5 things that make her smile. :) At the end of the blog post, she asked what makes us smile. Almost IMMEDIATELY...I was inspired. I wanted to do a Mini-Album that SHOWCASED all that makes me smile on a daily basis. :)

I had read a couple days later, on Facebook, that Tattered Angels was having a Design Team Call. Since, this is quickly becoming a way for me to follow my dream...I decided to try. I had some small canvas that I thought would be wonderful to try to create on and I had been wanting to explore what I could do with Glimmer Mist. So, I got out my acrylic paint mediums that I had from when MOS (Moumtains of Scraps), my old (now retired) web group that I was a part of, when they had a challenge for all of us to try to use paint on our layouts.

So, there I am Resin Sand, Gel Medium, and Sculpting Paste in hand and some Glimmer Mist that was begging to be used. :) With the mixtures I made, I was able to apply 6 different colors to the canvas for the book. :)

Then it was time for me to use my Tattered Angels goodies that I have been DYING to have a good reason to use. Yes, I can be a horder of all things scrappy at times...but I felt I found the perfect showcase to use all of the stuff I had! :)

This is what I came up with! :)

The Library Pocket is filled with EVEN MORE of my fave things!! I put blogs, food, drinks, books, etc! :)

The last page reads: "When life seems to be draggin' you down that things will always get better and......It's All Good!!

I will have the list for everything used very,very soon! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


WHOA!!! I have really neglected this little piece of me lately. I have been creating though, so it wasn't that I was TOTALLY ignorring my blog. :)

I tried out for the BoBunny Design Team and didn't make it, but that isn't going to stop me from trying for other teams. Tattered Angels had a Design Team call and I tried out for that and will know something by September 11th. But...what I didn't do with BoBunny that I am going to do with my projects from Tattered Angels is I am not going to wait to see if I make the team to show my work...I am gonna let you all see it over the next few days. :)

Also, until September 17th, The FAB Zutter Zisters are having a design team call also. You can bet I am trying this one too! :)

I am also going to take some of the other blogs I was following off of my blog roll, because I am no longer really going to those anymore. I have found new ones to spend my time on! LOL! ;)

So, within the next few days I will have projects, pics, and fun coming up. :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BIA's Summertime Challenge!!!

WOW! I have been out of the blogging scene for quite some time this month, huh? I have been doing a lot of projects and hopefully a couple of them will pan out for me. :) We will see though! :) Now let's get to the fun!!!!!

The Zutter Zisters had another fun challenge on the BIA Blogsite. I have been really loving challenges lately. When I see one..I have to do it! :) Well, the challenge was to make a Summertime project using your Bind-It-All. I himmed and hawed for a while and then realized what would be one of the funnest projects out there and really needed at this time of year. :) My project was a Floen Family Summer Envie Book! I was thinking that it would be nice to keep certain things within reach, so I could just grab it when I needed it. :)
So here it is:

What I used: BIA 5/8" o-wire and BIA tool

Cricut Accent Essentials Cartridge

BoBunny Dotted Cardstock, flowers, cardstock stickers, cutouts, and brads.

My Mind's Eye "Breaking Free" Just Chillin' Accessories

American Crafts Plastic Flowers

Bling is from Michaels

Square Bling is from Glitz

DCWV Patterned Paper

Metal Flowers are from Colorbok

CTMH Waxy Flax

Beads are from Walmart

Bazzil Bling Brads

Polymark Puff Paint

I hope you like it and thanks for looking! :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Simply Priceless (March 2008)

Are you all scratching your head about the dates here? LOL! I am that far behind in my scrapping. I am one of those scrapper's (I use this description a lot, don't I?), that has to "feel" a pic before scrapping it. :) I can NEVER just take any old pic and scrap it. :) So that is why my scrapbooks are all over the place as far as the dates go. I still have pages I have to do with Jon's pics....YES I AM THAT FAR BEHIND!!!

This layout is of Sasha and her Godfather-to-be (yes, another thing we are behind on!), Justin. Justin is also Jon's godfather too. He is a very special guy in our lives and I so enjoy having him in our lives. :)

What I used: I used the 12x12 paper that comes in the American Crafts page protectors that are included in the 12x12 American Crafts D-ring binder, Stampin'Up (striped and flowers), I did cut the flowered background diecut BIG flower with the Cricut with the Accent Essentials cart, CTMH (bubblegum, for sponging the edges of the papers), Heidi Swapp (XXL Brads), Bazzill Bling Brads (pink), My Mind's Eye (Quote chipboard block, chipboard tag, and Simply Priceless)

Daddy's Girl (March 2008)

Hey everyone! I am a little behind in posting my layouts that I have been working on. I do have a few of them. I have two already edited (although not too well) and ready to go, so here we go! :)

I just love these pictures that I took in March of 2008. I love watching Garth cuddle with both of my kids. He LOVES being a father and he is a wonderful dad! :) He has a special bond with both kids, but you know about being a Daddy's Girl and BELIEVE ME, Sasha is NO exception to that rule! :) The sun rises and sets on her DADDY! :)
So, here it is:What I used: Bo Bunny Paper (both pink with brown polka dots and the hearts in circles paper), Sandylion Stamps (bunny), CTMH (matting paper), Flair Designs (cardstock stickers, Daddy's Girl), My Mind's Eye (description chipboard tag/journaling box), ribbon (Michael's $$ bin),Ranger Archival ink, popdots

Thursday, July 2, 2009

"I look at you and I'm home."

I am so bad.....well, may be not bad, but behind! :) LOL! On June 25th, Lain Ehmann had an entry on her blog about home and what it means to her. She has moved from California to a new "home" back east (of course, the numbskull that I can be....I forgot, but I am sure as heck it is back east somewhere!) She said that she hasn't felt homesick like she did when she left for college. She realized that it was because "home" to her is where ever her hubby and kids are. :) I know a lot of us feel the same there! :)

She then gave us all a challenge to be inspired by and make a layout from this quote: "I look at you and I am home!" That beautiful quote came from Finding Nemo. :) I know I loved that movie but never got hit by that quote until I read a story from a REAL, LIVE person that it has touched. Is it not the most beautiful sentiment?

When I took this pic...I was making my "Weekend Me" book that Ali Edwards had on her blog a couple months back. I had all the pics taken but was so behind on everything that I haven't gotten it up on my blog yet. To this day, it is one of my most favorite projects that I have been inspired to do. :)

Garth and I were looking out the back window and I was trying to take pics of us together, but wanted it I just started snapping. Now if a lot of you know me, I can be comfy doing just about anything. LOL! So this pic was easy for was Garth that needed to chill. :) But I told him to act like the camera wasn't even there. After 20 or so pics (I am a constant "snapper")this is the pic we got and I put it on my layout.

You see, my kids will leave and I will be heartbroken, but I know I will always have Garth here to love me. Not to sound sadistic, but we always chat and hope that we die like the old couple in The Notebook. I know I could never live and be ok without him and he says he feels the same about me. Yes, we are that mushy and have been forever. :) LOL! I believe if we didn't have some type of "mush" then we wouldn't have a marriage! :)

Anyways-here is the layout! Thanks Lain! :)

What I used: Jenni Bowlin Studios-12x12 paper, Recollections gem brads, Greenbriar International fabric rose pins with Perfect Pearl mist (homemade) and inked with Disress Inks (Ranger), Webster's Pages Jounaling Cards, Bling on the journaling card is from the $1 bin at Michael's, The Paper Company for matting my photo, Distress Inks (Ranger) for distressing and aging my photo that was printed in black and white and edited in PhotoShop Elements 7.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sasha Swingin' Layout! :)

I have to say that when I took the pictures of Garth swinging Sasha on the swing set like a big girl...I wasn't sure what the pics would look like or even how I would do the layout. I am one of those scrapbookers at times that likes to KNOW what kind of layout I will want to do with certain pictures I take. This time I KNEW I wanted the pics but wasn't sure when I would even be able to do a layout. :) Well, that came this week when I wanted to take a little break and just do a girly page! :)

Also, a few PaperClipping Lives ago, Noell Hyman was talking about using patterened papers from different manufacturers. I am one of those scrapbookers whose "comfort zone" is frequently fed by those companies out there who do "coordinating" paper lines. BUT...I saw the colors I was lucky to be able to play with and I went for it this time. I used 3 different types of patterned paper. :)
Here is the result! :)

What I used: 12x12 paper was October Afternoon, 12x3(or so) patterned paper is Junkitz, 12x1 strip was Stampin' Up

Bazzill cardstock for matting

American Crafts Plastic Flowers

Heidi Swapp-Bling Brads

Recollections-Jeweled Brads

Colorbok Metal Flowers

American Crafts scrappin pins

Colorbok Jounraling Tag

CTMH Bling flowers

Memento Marker/pen in Rose Bud

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hey everyone! This is my first (rough) video tutorial of how make a shaped picture with PhotoShop Elements. A few of you have asked how I did the scalloped edged photo on this layout , so I tried to do a video of it on-line. I did it with no script and just winged it! :) It's all good though...even though I am showing the world! LOL!

I will try to do these when I can, but look for them at least once a week, because they are fun to do! :) Here is the link to my video if you can't get it to play on here! :) Remember, I am new at this! :)

So, tell me what you think! :) I hope you like it and I hope it helps! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Daddy's Card! :)

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all of the dads put there and the dads in your life! :) We had a pretty good day here at our home. Garth just relaxed all day (which he needs) and I played with Sasha outside and got some much needed housework done. I will tell you I will sleep like a baby tonight on my nice clean sheets! :)

I posted my BIA project that I was giving my dad for Father's Day. By the way, Garth got the box sets for DBZ and Naruto for his b-day (June 27th) and Father's Day. :)

Here is my dad's card!

This card is pretty thick because I used corkboard on it, just in case dad may need a coaster!

This is a close-up of the image I stamped. :) I used a Ranger Paint Dabber on a stamp. I did try Staz-on, but you couldn't even tell what the image was, so I used the Paint Dabber and it worked like a charm! :)

What I used: Bazzill cardstock, Quartet corkboard, Ranger Paint Dabber (espresso), stamp is called: Simple Pleasures (Tin Can Mail) by Inkadinkado.

Zutter's Man Made-Hand Made Challenge! :)

A couple of years ago I was SO AFRAID of my BIA that I left it in its box and just stared at it! :) AND THEN....I ended up at the Zutter Zisters' Blog and go everyday to see if there is a new post of news, design team projects, or a challenge. :) A few days ago they had a post of a challenge to make a Masculine Project in honor of Father's Day. I thought, "WONDERFUL!" I needed a gift for my dad and this was a good way to get 2 birds with 1 stone! :)

I knew what I wanted to do for my dad. :) I feel he would need a message board for his garage, since he is almost always in there. :)
I started with a Zutter Clipboard Wood Cover and some silver o-wires, a piece of cork, and an idea of what I wanted to do. I knew not only did he need a message board, but he also needed to be able to have a bottle opener for his beverage bottles and also a pen to write down notes on the Post-it notes that I provided on the board.
This is more of a focus on the board itself. I tried to include everything he would need on the board. I had the family phone numbers put on there. Some hinge clips for what he may need to clip on there. I also put some tacks on there for pics or messages.

A little bit of focus on what holds the keys. :)

The finished project! :)

What I used: Bind-it-All, Zutter BIA Silver o-wire, hemp, Tim Holtz Idea-o-logy "Love" key, hinge clips, Alpha Grundgeboard, Post-It Notes, CTMH Marker/Pens for writing the phone numbers and distressing the paper where the phone numbers were written, parchment paper, Quartet 6x6 cork board, Ranger Paint Dabber (espresso), Crop-a-dile, Making Memories typed eyelets(I flattened the backs with my Crop-a-dile), DYMO label maker and black tape, Zig paint pen in black and silver to color the tops of the tacks.

I hope you can use this idea and make it your own! :) Enjoy and Happy Father's day to you and the Special Men in your LIFE! :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Same Sketch, Different Page! :)

I just had to create another page, this time for my son, using the Write.Click.Scrapbook Sketch from my post below this one. :) I try to do layouts for each kid if the pics I take is of both of them.
Here is the layout...I usually would have the sketch first, but since I posted it yesterday...I figured I would just get to the "treat"! ;)

What I used: CTMH Cardstock and marker/fine tip, Little Yellow Bicycle (patterned paper, journaling block, cardstock stickers, photo corner), Bazzill cardstock (photo mat and for title), googly eyes are from the Dollar Tree, Cricut Cartridge Doodletype (title)
Hope you like it! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Saturday Sketch Challenge at Write.Click.Scrapbook.

Saturday on the Write.Click.Scrapbook. Blog was a sketch that seemed simple enough to follow. :) I did follow it for the most part, other than I flipped it. I just can't leave well enough alone. :)
Here is the sketch:
Here is my page:
What I used: Bazzill Dotted Swiss Cardstock, Rhonna Farrer die cut patterned paper, CTMH paper flowers, Doodlebug Designs mini brads, Making Memories heart shaped brads, Bling from Michaels, Flower Bling from Wal-Mart, Heidi Swapp Invisibles, inked Invisibles with Memento Rose Bud Ink, Journaled with Memento Tuxedo Black pen/marker, "Life's Little Moments" was die cut with the Cricut Cartridge Graphically Speaking.
Hope you like it! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Time to Inspire Challenge! :)

Hey all! It's me again! :) Actually a lot sooner than I thought I would be blogging! :) For me, that is such a plus! :) I was doing a challenge for My Time for Inspiration (Lauren Meader's site) which is being done by a DT member of her's Kristen. Basically, they show you a picture of something and on the side of it they will show you the colors used. :)
Here is the challenge this week:

And here is my Layout! :) I hope you like it! :)

What I used: Cosmo Cricket 12x12 patterened paper, cardstock for mats is Bazzill (orange) and Stampin'Up (red and yellow)-although some were scraps too. :) Heidi Swapp Invisables chipboard stickers colored with Marvy Ink (red) and CTMH Ink (sunny yellow), Bling is from Michael's, used Bazzill Bling Brads and CTMH Brads, Flowers are Prima, Petaloo, and Making Memories, Journaling Tag is ColorBok, Bling Butterflies are from Walmart, Journaling done with Memento Rose Bud marker/pen. I used Adtech adhesive along with Glue dots. :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Pink Stamper's Color Challenge! :)

Ok...I am usually a SCRAPBOOKER, but I love the QUICKNESS of cards! :) I happen to be a person that needs cards all of the time, so making them should be more of a priority. :)

Anyways- Robyn, The Pink Stamper, had a color challenge on her blog a few days ago and I am getting to it today! :) The colors were Pink, Olive Green, and Dark Brown with Purple as an accent color. This is what I came up with.......

What I used: Bazzill CS- Java

K&Co- Scrap Bag and Sentiments Stickers to go

CTMH- Purple Brads


My Time to Sketch Card! :)

Ok...I FINALLY got my card done with everything else I had going on this week! :) I am DONE with my children's parties and only have Father's Day and Garth's B-day at the end of the month! :) I really need to get better at posting all of my projects on here. :) I get so bogged down that blogging always seems to take a back seat, but I DO have it on my mind to get better at! :)

So, without further, adeiu (sp), here is Lauren's Sketch! :)

Here is my card! :)

Here is a close up of the "busier" part of the sketch! :)
Here is what I used: Bazzil C/S-OP White
Royal Brites (White paper to stamp image on)
CTMH Stamp Sets- Playful Flourishes and Ms. Gardener
CTMH Patterned paper-Serendipity Kit
CTMH Stamp Pad-Outdoor Denim
Ranger- Archival Ink-Jet Black
Swirled Patterned Paper-My Scrap Stash
PrismaColor Colored Pencils and Colorless Blender
K&Co Sentiment Stickers to Go
CTMH Ric-Rak
Glue Dots
Thanks for stopping by! :)