Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Layout for the "Love Me Some Basic Grey" Contest!

I love Basic Grey! :) I know most of you are thinking, "Kathy, seriously, you love EVERYTHING!" and, yes, this is true...just look at my Scrap Studio (a term from a friend) and you will see that I am not prejudice when it comes to what I use! :) BUT...Basic Grey is in my TOP 5! :)

So, The PageMaps Blog , is having a contest with a skecth from Miss Becky Fleck and I decided to do it. Heck, I am doing LOAD anyway, so why not?!
So, I will be showing Becky's Sketch and then my layout! :) I will also be putting what I used also! :)

What I used: Bazzill 12x12 Cardstock: Lilywhite

Bazzill: Dotted Swiss

Little Yellow Bicycle: Baby Girl Safari (Clear Cuts embellies, journaling block, cardstock stickers, and patterned paper)

Crafter's Square Beaded Trim

Creative Imaginations: Sonnets (cherish 12" sticker)

Thanks for looking! :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Houston, we have a winner! ;)

Hey everyone! :) Well, if you aren't in my immediate circle then you probably didn't get the call today that I won a contest that I had entered a while back. :) I was so excited when I went to the BIA Blogsite today and started to read about the winners of the BIA's Beyond the Book Challenge. :) Just like with the Tim Holtz Kit I won last week, I didn't realize that I had actually won until I saw proof. I was reading about one of the winner's "me" layout...I even read MY NAME! BUT, it wasn't until I SAW my layout staring me in the face that I realized....OH MY GOSH!!!! I WON! :)

FYI, I am almost done with my "Weekend ME" minibook! :) So that is coming soon! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

ARE YOU READY? {I will be back blogging soon!} it's been 18 days since I last blogged! :O How sad is that?!?!?! I have been doing LOAD (LayOut A Day) for May that has been taking every minute of my creative time! :) Although I decided to use an idea from Ali Edwards' blog last week about taking pics for the whole weekend and then creating a layout, project, or minibook with the pics. :) I took HELLA pics over the weekend and have started to use those pics for LOs for my minibook- which I am using for my LOAD projects! :) So, at least I am killing two birds there. :)

I haven't been able to do my other challenges I like to do, but I will be getting back into the groove in June when school gets out. :)

I will warn you when I can I am gonna be a Bloggin' Fiend and I will be showing you my book and some other projects I am doing....just bear with me for now. :)

Oh, with all this craziness I am also taking Cathy Zielske's (sp?) Everyone Can Write A Little Class at Big Picture Scrapbooking.....I just love Cathy....she is just a whoot! :)

So that I what I have been up to, but I will get back to blogging soon! :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

NSD Pink Stamper Challenge #1 ..

Challenge #1 of the day on The Pink Stamper's Blog was to make something using brown and a pastel. Well, if any of you have seen my scrap room, you will know that the pastel for me that I would have to pick is PINK! :) So, I took the two colors in my scrap room and made a Thank You card. :)

What I used: Bazzill cardstock for the card and Cricut Cuts.

Micheal's bling for the bling

Cricut Cartridge (Storybook)

Offray Ribbon

"me" Layout

Ok...for all of you that know me, I have NEVER done a layout that is all about me! BUT....Lain Ehmann over at the LOAD Challenge had as a prompt to do a LO about "crazy family life" =, she put in there we could do a schedule if we wanted to. :) Then over at, they asked for a LO that is all about "me". I was like....YIKES!!! Does anyone scrap about themselves? Well the answer to that is: YES! :) And today, I became one of them! :)

I pulled out my Bind-it-all, my Teresa Collins Paper, Bling, my rose bud Memento marker and got to work.

I started with writing my schedule for during the week, during the school year on the Teresa Collins- Journal-It Girl 12x12 paper. I almost didn't have enough room on the paper and I didn't have enough pics of me for a 2 page LO, so I smushed it down a bit!

Next, came the pics...I have been trying to take more of myself for projects and pages and stuff so I did have some of those. :) So I printed one out in Black and White and another out in color. Then came the time to put them on....YIKES....I was gonna be taking up a lot of space with just 2 pics! So....I knew that BIA had a challenge to use your BIA for any project that wasn't a book. So, that is what I did. I put the BIA to work. I punched the holes and put my o-wire in. Once that was done, I put pink and black dotted ribbon through the o-wire. I finally put velcro dots on the bottom of each pic, so if/when people wanted to see my schedule....they could just lift the pic and there it was! :) I added a little ephemera too. :) The pink rose was cut from a card I got at Goodwill that just "spoke" to me! :) Then I added some small "me" touches and some bling and WALLA....a ME LO! :)

This is the layout, the top title portion has "me" and the bottom has, "Subject "2" changE", is that not the truth!!

The picture being lifted to reveal the rest of my schedule! :)

This is just the second picture being lifted, but you can see the velcro dot better! :)

What I used: Teresa Collins Journal-It Girl 12x12 paper

Memento Rose Bud Marker (fine tip end)

Me and My Big Ideas Icon Bling (crown)

Micheal's $$ Bin (heart bling images)

Michael's Bling (butterflies, flowers, reg. stones)

Creative Memories Letter Stickers

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sasha and Nona Layout!!

This was the first layout I did this morning during National Scrapbook Day challenges. I was still behind from last night because I forgot to do some card swap cards. I had these scraps from Noell Hyman (PaperClipping Live) and LOVED THEM. She really knows how to pick color and design! :) I loved all of the scraps she sent. I still have some more to use! :) These are just the ones that went with this page! :)

The pictures were taken last year in July when my mom came over for a visit. Her and Sasha were just having a BLAST playing together. :) All of the pieces, except for a few from my "stash" are scrap! :)
The pieces that I used were: Bazzill Bling Brads (In the Pink)
Making Memories Glittered Chipboard Shapes (Stars and Flowers)
Micheal's Ribbon
Bazzill Dotted Swiss (Cornmeal) that was cut with the Cricut StoryBook Cartridge (1/2 Bracket)
I did use some Perfect Pearls Mist for the Naked Chipboard that Noell sent. I also ran them through my Cuttlebug and got some raised dots on them.

HOLY CRAP!!! It's NSD!!!!!! :)

LOL! I had the BEST National Scrapbooking Day! :) Garth made sure he took care of the kids while I scrapped my day away. We were supposed to be getting ready for Pictures for our Passports for when we go to Canada, but I was so happy when he said that we are just gonna do it next week! :) YAY!

Anyways- I did get my LOAD day 2 LO done and was pretty happy with it. I was also able to use my scraps that I got from my friend and swap buddy, Noell Hyman...also the host of PaperClipping Live! I love that show and I finally broke down and got a Paperclipping worth it people! :) Noell and her design concepts kick butt! :)

Ok....anyways...I did another LO for the LOAD prompt which was my hectic "mommy" schedule and also a "me" challenge for Scrapbook. com! I will post them both in the next two days! :) I also have to do a card before Monday for The Cuttlebug Spot. It will have tea bag folding. :)

Well, around 7pm I went to MOMS for a visit with the retreaters and I got the BEST hot rock massage also! :) I did do some work, but after the massage I would have done anything! :) I have to say that Jeanie's daughter kick's major massage butt! :) Selena was so awesome and didn't mind me talking THE WHOLE TIME! :) Yes, I talked the whole hour or so that she was giving me my massage. :) I know my friend, Shannon, would be wondering what I was thinking. :) Her massage therapist that she had one time here in Great Falls was just a wee bit talkative and Shan was not for that at all! LOL!

Anyways- I am gonna get on those LOs uploaded! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1st! LOAD Layout and just a little blabbing! LOL!

Hey all! Well, LOAD (LayOut A Day) is underway! :) I must admit I was a little stressed at first because I am the type of person who can't put anything on hold to work on something else and then come back, but I did.

I had (now, have) to work on my cards for the MOMS card swap, but I knew LOAD was starting and I know how I can be when I am working on swap I figured, "Kathy, You must put this on hold for now! You want to do the LOAD challenge!" I am happy to say that as of 1pm, mountain time...I have DAY ONE's LAYOUT done! :) I picked some OLD pics of JON as a BABY!? Can you believe it? That was a LONG time ago! :) He was about 14 months in these pic and so cute! :) He was just eating a popsicle and chatting with his dad! :) He is still that way today! :) LOL! So....without further delay here is my LOAD day 1 Layout:

What I used: Heidi Grace Pocket Scraps "Inspire Me dots" 12X12 Patterned Paper

Scrap paper for photo mats

ColorBok Embellishment Punch-out Pack (tags, letters, and paper for BIG BLUE circle).

SandyLion Clear Stamps (Boy Clear Stamps/Lion)

Recollections Summer colors Brads

Yep, It was THAT SIMPLE! :) I used from my stash and am finding great stuff that I never knew I had! :) LOL! I am so sad! :) I will post everyday with the LO's I do! :)

Tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day! :) I will be at home until about 4 or 5pm and then I go to MOMS to work on some stuff for the store and chat with some friends at the Retreat! :) Oh, and I get a massage tomorrow! :) Jeanie's daughter, Selena, is giving them! :) I haven't met her yet, but I am sure she is cool. :) I may be posting a little late tomorrow, but I will be posting! :)