Tuesday, September 21, 2010

King Leonidas Layout

I should have known that when we watched 300 that my son would have wanted to be King Leonidas for the Fifth Grade Wax Museum. Not that I feel like I have to defend our parenting, but we did feel it was ok that Jon watched the movie, 300 with us. We made him close his eyes during the naughty parts, but we like to be able to explain to him the reason things happened in the movie the way they did. So, that would be why he was watching the movie. Now onto the story. :)

Really, Leonidas was a no brainer for us. Jonathan watches Deadliest Warrior on TV and enjoys seeing what warrior will win over another. They have done Sparans VS someone or another on the show and Jon really liked it. :) So, who was one of the more known Spartans? Well, after the movie 300, that would be King Leonidas (Thanks Gerard Butler!)

So Garth and I put our heads together and came up with a costume for Jon. The project, by the way,  asked for parent participation. Garth, my husband, is excellent at making anything with metal. I, on the other hand, really love anything crafty, so I did the sewing part of the costume. Together we made one of the best projects ever....yes I AM bragging here. We did have a parent tell us we were pretty extreme. I took it as a compliment! ;) If you knew the guy too, he meant it as a compliment too. :) We also had one of the teachers tell us it was awesome too! :)

The journaling reads:  May 2010- The 5th Grade Class had a Wax Museum Project for Social Studies.  You picked King Leonidas as the person you wanted to portray.  Mom and Dad came together with both of our talents--he, with metal and me, with sewing.  Together we created your costume....Yours was the BEST project there.

What I used:  Bazzil 12x12 paper (black and red), Creative Imaginations journaling card, chipboard, versa mark pad, Bronze UTEE, Tim Holtz Idea-o-logy clock face and game spinners, Thickers, bronze paint pen.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

My Girl Layout

So this is one of the fave pics of me and Sasha:

I remember the day like it was yesterday, but it was actually earlier this year in February. :) I was in charge of the Valentine's Day party in Jon's class and came up with cookie decorating as one of the activities. :) I needed to make 30 sugar heart shaped cookies. I started around 10:30pm. Sasha had gone to bed around 9pm. I thought she was asleep, but after Jon and Garth went to bed I heard her door open. Then she came walking into the kitchen...I was not sure if she ever went to sleep that night. Hmmm....I guess we will never know. I asked her if she would like to help me and of course she said, "Yes, Mama!". LOL! Why did I ask?

I will tell you my daughter does everything like her mother....with passion and zest! :) That translates into a mess at times. Sasha had flour EVERYWHERE! :) Then, of course, she saw the camera and wanted to take a pic. I took some of just her, but then I was like....I would like some pics of me and her. So, I held out the camera and snapped a few of us. ;)

I started this LO with just the pic and then everything fell together. :) It is one of my faves. :) I think i use pink and femininity on my LO's of Sasha because she is such a tomboy and it is the only time I can use my girly stuff! HA! :) I keep getting told this will change soon. I, actually don't mind it....I like that she doesn't fit the mold all the other little girls do. She will be in martial arts instead of dance. She prefers UFC fights with the family instead of Disney Princesses. AND YOU KNOW WHAT???? It's all good! :)

What I used: The Girls' Paperie "Paper Girl" 12x12 die cut paper, Jenni Bowlin Studios (JBS) milk carton buttons, JBS butterflies with bling, JBS pearl flowers, JBS bingo cards,  Creative Imaginations Journaling Card, Making Memories Alpha Letters, Heidi Swapp Stamp, Bling from Michael's Dollar Bin, Thread, Chalk Ink.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

October Tag! :)

Are we hitting the fall season already? WOW! This year is really trekking by. :) School has started for both of my kids and I seem to be busy almost everyday. Between Football for Jon, Preschool for Sasha, harvesting and freezing (I am so NOT a canner!) veggies...not to mention cleaning or TRYING to clean my house and keeping up with that stuff....I am pretty sure I know where my time is going.

THANK GOD for the Halloween/Fall Tag Swap I joined that is being run by my friend, Jenn. :) I have known Jenn since middle school. I have fond memories of her and how she was as a kid (Those were the days.) She always seemed to be mature in those days (not that she wasn't) that is what drew me to her. I have always loved people who seem to know things about the world and things I love and am interested in. :) Jenn seemed to know a lot about music and doodling...this is what I remember. :) I also remember she thought I was a sweet girl and I remember thinking....I trust her. Which if you know me.....especially as an adult...this was HUGE. :) Anyways---because of Facebook we have gotten to reconnect and we have so much of the same likes and dislikes....the funny thing? She still knows so much more about the world than I do. Of course, I like my shell and to be comfy in it. :) Of course, I have my bestie, Becky...but her and my family are really the only ones I let in and to really know "ME". But Jenn is safe because she has known me for what seems like FOREVER. AND...WOW...she still likes me! HA! :)

Ok....Well, because of Facebook we are able to see what each other is creating and making. In August, Jenn created a Tag Swap for those of us in Great Falls who wanted to join and create for the love of creating. I JUMPED at the chance to join her. :)

At the time I also joined a card swap that took time and then I started all the little projects in the house that I have been wanting to finish. So, getting the tag done took a back seat, but I was always thinking exactly of WHAT I wanted to create. :)

This is what I came up with:

I used Tim Holtz for Ranger Distress Inks in Scattered Straw, Fired Brick, Dried Marigold, and a little bit of Shabby Shutters. I stamped the Tim Holtz Skeleton Image with Staz-On in Timber Brown. Then I sprayed some Clearsnap SMOOCH Spritz in Gingersnap on the tag and image. I let that dry and took some leaves from a little collection I got from somewhere and attached them and then took the "October" and "31" from Maya Road and attached them. The last thing I added was Bling which is just a ME thing and those were from Michael's Dollar Bin. :)

Thanks Jenn so much for letting me take part in this swap! :) ((HUGS)) And thanks to my followers for reading and for those of you who comment...Thank You. I read them and I love what you say! :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of School for Sasha! (Oh Boy, are you ready for this one?)

Hey everyone! Well, I  have known for a couple of weeks now that this day was coming. About a month ago, I was on Freecycle.org for Great Falls, MT and there was a post on there for people who are interested in a Parent Participation Preschool to contact Dana. I was skeptical at first..I mean, how good could it be if it is on FreeCycle?

Well, I got to meet with Dana soon after emailing her telling her that I was interested and she used FreeCycle to get the word out about what she wanted to do. AND....she exceeded everything I expected even from a regular preschool. :) She had a plan and had a few moms that were totally on board with her. There were a couple of moms that really only wanted a play group type thing, but were deterred I guess and that left us with 9 kids. Their ages are 2 to 4. Sasha is right in the middle. She is 3 and 3 months....so hard to believe how fast life has gone on.

I have been gathering art supplies and picking up books for the class. A lot of the moms are donating supplies and time. I really love this and all the moms are so nice.

So, Sasha's first day........Well, we put Little Miss to bed last night earlier than normal for her and she slept in today later than normal...so I know she got enough sleep. She looked so sweet in her Yo Gabba Gabba, Brobee, hooded sweatshirt and gray sweats. I tried to do her hair, but she is all about being a TOMBOY right now, so that was shot down quickly and I didn't argue with her.

You will find out from reading my blog that I have a VERY spirited daughter. My parents call it PAYBACK...REALLY?! LORD, HELP ME! ;)

We drove to Dana's house and sang the iCarly theme song all the way there...because Sasha thought it was "Good Moosic For Skoowl". We did get in the ABC song for the last couple minutes before arrival. We were welcomed and then Miss Dana read The Kissing Hand. For those of you who don't know about this book....it is about a raccoon worried about the first day of school. Well, for those of you who don't know Sasha, she loves raccoons. OH LORD. I should have known what would happen and would have made sure to have this sign attached to Sasha.

She wouldn't sit like the other kids and I quickly tried to get her to. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. NOT FOR THE REST OF THE TIME!!! EEK!

Well, then we introduced ourselves. ANYONE...who knows my daughter, knows she LOVES Chum-Chum from Fanboy and Chum-Chum on Nickelodeon. He is a cute little fellow. See??

Well, when asked what her name was and how old she was....she replied, " My name is Chum Chum." I tried to correct her and told the children, " She thinks her name is Chum Chum. But her name is Sasha." Quickly, my little one tells me and everyone, "No, I'm Chum Chum!" OH LORD!

They decided to do game time. They did Duck-Duck-Goose.  Hmmm....I knew what would happen....have you ever seen a train wreck? Well, that is what it felt like to me watching my daughter get up and run and pat people's heads and say "duck" and "goose". I looked at a mom that was on the couch looking so-not-pleased with Sasha's actions. I didn't know if I wanted to laugh at that moment or cry. I really wanted to just FLY away. LOL! With my daughter...you may ask: "WHY?" Well, I think a flight would have calmed her.

Now all this was entertaining...when it came time for worksheets there was a meltdown. Oh my! EEK! WOW! Even with Dana telling me don't worry and Sasha is fine....I saw all the other kids (even the 2 year old) doing their work! I was like, "OH MAN!" What do you do?

She did do wonderful with this lady (so very sweet), Miss Terri. Terri had a way with my girl. They did ABSeas which I helped with. It is a Discovery Toys Fishing Game that helps with he ABC's. Sasha did so good during that and also during the Playful Patterns Game. Puzzle things I am finding she is AWESOME with. She also is an awesome share-er....always has been. :)  I really felt blessed by Terri today....I think when I was at my end and thinking I am a horrible mom..Terri let me know that even her quiet, sweet little one, Molly, could wreak havoc too. (what a relief!)

She was doing a "shaking the wiggles out"
This was one of the many "looks" I got today.
Before, we left after her last meltdown (there were 3), I was talking to an awesome lady (also with 2 spirited kids--LIKE ME!!!!I think humans love when we have things like this in common with people. We don't feel so alone.)Her name was Sarah (sp?). Her daughter, Yliana, was Sasha's partner for worksheets, but Sasha was having no part in doing the worksheets. Now, looking at Miss Yliana, she is so sweet and quiet and followed directions and really blew me away. :) Well, talking to her mama, Sarah, revealed that she, like Sasha, is VERY SPIRITED. I was like, WHAT?! She is doing some dvds called Loving Logic (I think). It is really just not giving into your kids but not having the "FIGHT" that those of us with spirited kids have.  I am gonna look into this and see what it can bring to our "FEISTY TABLE".

Well, wouldn't you know, Sasha was a tiny terror until she got into the car where she said: "I wen to skoowl. Now I go Gramma'sow, Sasha was a tiny terror until she got into the car where she said: "I wen to skoowl. Now I go Gramma's!" Yep, this girl LOVES my mom-in-law to DEATH. Also, Auntie Pat who lives right next door to Gram. So, I went there after picking up lunch and she watched cartoons, visited, ate, and was "THE BEST KID". Yep, I just said that.....the best kid.  Those of you with spirited kids will NOT argue with me that OUR children may be horrid when they have their minds made up, BUT when they are good...they kick butt and are the BEST!

So, was today a good day? I say: OF COURSE! BRING ON FRIDAY! Which is the next day of preschool. Did I enjoy it? Well, not at first.....but the memories....GOLDEN and the learning experience was immeasurable for me.

Thanks for reading. :)