Monday, August 30, 2010

Where Did Time Go??

Wow, could somebody tell me where the time has went? How has he gone from this:

To this????

He has grown so much. :) I am so proud of him, yet so scared to see the time slipping by. Right now he thinks that there is no woman better than one cooks better, makes him laugh more, or gives better hugs than me right now. But that is right now....too soon I will meet my match and have to try to like the one who will be taking my heart from me. Yes, I have blogged before....Jon is my heart and Sasha is my soul. Jon is my heart because I feel everything he does...when something happens to him I just want to help him so bad. If someone says or does something against kills me. BUT....He is ok and I have never been jailed, which means...I have kept my cool. :) This is good.....he knows I have his back and I am so happy he realizes that. :)

I know that I will love my addition to our family someday (his wife) and what she will bring to the already "crazy" table that we have going. I just hope that Jon can find FOREVER HAPPINESS and not follow the popular trend of divorce. He knows what his mom and dad have gone through and are still together. He knows that anything that is worth worth fighting for. I am proud of this. :)

Other hopes? Yes, I have loads of them for both my kids. I hope Jon goes to college and plays football like he wants. I hope he will always have good teachers and coaches that challenge him, yet see when he is struggling and helps him see what he needs to do. He has had this in elementary school, but with middle and high school coming up...I know the teachers are not as personal. And...that scares me.

I remember the first time he broke my heart...not knowing it of course, or he would have never found his independence. I sure was fine not letting him be independent. It was in the middle of his second grade year. I used to always walk him into the school. From the first day of kindergarten until that fateful day. I was driving to the school and pulled into the parking lot and he says, "Mom, can you just stay here? I can do this by myself." I smiled and said, "Are you sure?" He said, "Yep!"   I still got my kiss and hug and I still do.

He started 6th grade last week and is so excited for school. He loves the things they do and all of his friends. Where is the time going? I used to dance and sing this small little man to sleep at night. Now, he doesn't even want to be tucked in. Believe me, I have asked. :) 

BUT....he made sure I got a goodnight hug and kiss tonight. LORD, please don't let him ever be too big to hug his mother. :)

Thanks for looking. :) 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MMM....and for lunch tomorrow.......

Yummy! :) Let's just say when I went to my garden this evening to get some green pepper for Garth, I got more than I thought I would. :) It was as if God heard my prayers of giving me something good and healthy to eat as I embark on my new journey of weight loss. :)  I went to my cuke and strawberry patch and saw my lemon cukes were going to give me two lemon cukes for eating. They are just like a regular cuke (which I have growing too), but they are more sized for a single person. I love them! :)

Then I went to my garden to get the peppers and LOOK WHAT I RAN into!!!!! SNOW PEAS! :) I had found one a couple weeks ago and hoped for more, but this will be enough for me for a little bit. ;)

Then I got to my peppers. :) I luckily, found some green ones, but looked over and saw my fun, little sweet banana peppers just looking at me and saying, "HI!" So, I grabbed some! ;) LOL! I was able to bring them inside for Garth to put in his sauce, but I had one condition. He had to let me do the chopping of the green peppers. :) AND...he didn't argue, although I think he may feel my relationship with my "green babies" a bit odd. HA! ;)  I was able to chop the green and 2 of my banana peppers. The sauce was yummy! :)

I will be putting more of this and some other "green baby" pics on my other blog, The Beautiful Return! :) But I had to share on here too! :) ((HUGS))

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hey everyone! :) Well, I have had a kind of rough weekend. My fibromyalgia has been acting up all week and I haven't been able to take my relaxers and actually get my pain under control. My son had The Big Sky Football Camp with Jack Johnson (he is a legend for high school football here in Great Falls, MT) and it started pretty early and i couldn't drive him there safely so I didn't take anything until after I picked him up from camp on Friday. So, for two days I was stuck in bed or on the couch. When I did make it downstairs into my Scrap Cave I was able to work on and eventually finish this:

I love this LO! :) It just came together and looks so much like Jon, my son. The pics are from his 11th Birthday Party. We took him and a couple of friends to a Paintball Park a little bit outside of Great Falls, on Bootlegger Trail. Those who live here know where I am talking about. It was so much fun watching the boys...well, BE BOYS! :) They had me crackin' up! :)

So, now for some details. :) I was able to "pop" the grenades that I cut with my Indie Art Cricut Cart. This is one of my faves, although it is hard to pick just ONE Cricut Cart that I LOVE! ;) TeeHee! :)
I love this part of the LO. To go along with the "Military" type feel of the LO, I took a punch that I have had for years from Paper Shapers and punched the dog tags out. I then took some Tim Holtz chains (not sure this is what they are called, but that would be what attached the tags to the LO. I also thought it may look neat so I "hooked" them on to a big brad (not sure who made it).
I tore the "crazy good times" and "Friggin' Sweet" titles out of a page of We R Memory Keepers, "Teen Angst" paper pad. I also journaled on the pics instead of just on the dog tags. I used the Sakura, Glaze pens in black to do this. Thanks for looking and I hope to be able to blog about some more scrappy goodness soon! :)