Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Follow Your Heart (originally journaled on January 17-2012)

Hey all! :) I know it has unbelievably long since I blogged. Believe it or not..it has been unbelievably long since I have created too. It was the last part of August when I last created something and to tell you the truth. I can't even remember what that was though.

I decided to subscribe to Unity Stamps, Stamp of the Week. I am NOT the type of girl to subscribe to ANYTHING!!! Seriously! :) But I have always loved Unity's style and their stamps, so I decided what the heck!! :) I have been a part of it for 3 weeks and I have not been disappointed yet. Week One was the set that captured me:

It's no secret that I had a fallout with a good friend last year in August and I had been attacked for something I had no control over. I have been able to move on and can't remember the fight or the hurt, but am starting to remember the goofiness and laughter we had sometimes in our relationship. It brings a smile instead of bitterness. But because she had been such a big part of my life and had a lot to do with the scrapbooking/paper crafting industry, I think I lost my desire to create.

Here is my 1-17-12 journal entry:
You know- I never realized how hard it would be to get back into my creative self. 
I have all the tools (almost) that a girl would need to satisfy the hunger of creating.
Where do I begin? I have so much going on in my head. Things I want to do. Things I need to do.
The stamp of the week for Unity Stamp Company spoke to me.  With some of the things I had to deal with the past year. I questioned myself......a lot.  I questioned my peace, my truth. You see, I got so used to pleasing everyone else and keeping my mouth shut with certain people until I just couldn't take it anymore. There was no peace  for me. I lost who I was by conforming to a lifestyle that seemed fitting at the time.
But it was a lifestyle that wasn't fitting for me.  I'm not a drinker-at all! I do like the occasional drink, but I don't like getting beyond messed up.  That was what I had become in a few short months.
I got to where I didn't love life like I did before certain friendships occurred. I resembled someone sad and lonely....someone not me!
But now, what do I do? Now that I got rid of the toxicity that seemingly stayed in my life a few months too long?
I don't want to craft.....I lost my love for it. But as I look at these 2 stamps that came in the mail.  They are calling me.
They want to be used and I want to use them.
I'm a bit rusty I feel...lol.
I guess now's as good a time as any to start my journey back to my creative spirit. :)

This is what I created:

It was what felt right at that moment and now I am trying to find a place to put it where I can constantly see it. :) Just in case I lose "ME" again. :)
Thanks Unity and thanks for reading! :)

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