Friday, October 9, 2009


Ok, it feels so nice to be able to blog about my scrapbooking! :) This layout took a while to do, but I loved the result. I was very depressed about the pics at first, but I looked at the story and the pics started to be more than just pics. I love Garth and Sasha's relationship....she is such a Daddy's Girl and Garth is TOTALLY wrapped around her little finger. :)

BTW, we call her "Sash" a lot! :) Sometimes it is to describe her personality for the day and sometimes we just love that it has even more attitude than Sasha. :) Either way, I thought "Sash" was the way to go for the title of the layout. :)

The Layout! :)

I wrote on some of the pics! :)

I just loved these butterflies from Micheal's! :)

I pop-dotted some of the soccer balls I put on here. I cut THOSE with my CRICUT!

I also pop-dotted the "s's" of the title. I loved the dimension it added! :)

Thanks for looking! :) Happy Scrapping! :)


  1. Darling - and SO PINK! Love it!

  2. Loved the butterfly , thanks for the birthday wishes :)

  3. Super cute layout Kathy!
    Lovin' the butterflies and the pinkness.