Tuesday, September 21, 2010

King Leonidas Layout

I should have known that when we watched 300 that my son would have wanted to be King Leonidas for the Fifth Grade Wax Museum. Not that I feel like I have to defend our parenting, but we did feel it was ok that Jon watched the movie, 300 with us. We made him close his eyes during the naughty parts, but we like to be able to explain to him the reason things happened in the movie the way they did. So, that would be why he was watching the movie. Now onto the story. :)

Really, Leonidas was a no brainer for us. Jonathan watches Deadliest Warrior on TV and enjoys seeing what warrior will win over another. They have done Sparans VS someone or another on the show and Jon really liked it. :) So, who was one of the more known Spartans? Well, after the movie 300, that would be King Leonidas (Thanks Gerard Butler!)

So Garth and I put our heads together and came up with a costume for Jon. The project, by the way,  asked for parent participation. Garth, my husband, is excellent at making anything with metal. I, on the other hand, really love anything crafty, so I did the sewing part of the costume. Together we made one of the best projects ever....yes I AM bragging here. We did have a parent tell us we were pretty extreme. I took it as a compliment! ;) If you knew the guy too, he meant it as a compliment too. :) We also had one of the teachers tell us it was awesome too! :)

The journaling reads:  May 2010- The 5th Grade Class had a Wax Museum Project for Social Studies.  You picked King Leonidas as the person you wanted to portray.  Mom and Dad came together with both of our talents--he, with metal and me, with sewing.  Together we created your costume....Yours was the BEST project there.

What I used:  Bazzil 12x12 paper (black and red), Creative Imaginations journaling card, chipboard, versa mark pad, Bronze UTEE, Tim Holtz Idea-o-logy clock face and game spinners, Thickers, bronze paint pen.

Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. I love this! It's masculinely elegant! (I made a new word!) Very, very beautimous, Kathy!

  2. ok is that not the coolest costume, yes Mom aNd Dad I would say you weNt all out for suRe. Talk about absolute full support love.
    I am suRe the teachers have never seen that much support ever in a class room.
    Love the layout aNd what you jourNaled in the 'notes' part...I agree with Jenny, beautimous!

  3. No kidding....that costume and the board was truly amazing! Nice work, Kathy!