Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Pics, Blessings, and a Layout! :) (sorry about the novel)

This little girl.....makes my whole family wonder: "HE made another one?"

My parents know exactly what I am talking about! The mouth (shape and what comes out of it at times!! EEK!), curly hair (although it is blond), smiley eyes.....from the bed head when she gets up in the morning to the fact she doesn't like bedtime....SHE IS ME! Sometimes I am not sure how I feel about this. I thought  Jon was like me with his personality, but hands down....Sasha is the reincarnation of me. :) AND....I love it.
I tell myself this all the time....believe me, being a mom to ME is NOT fun (sorry Mom). When we were trying potty training a few weeks ago. We had this conversation:
Sasha: "Mama? Can I ride a HOR-SEE?" 
Me: "Uh, Sash, I am sorry, but only big girls can ride a horse. And you don't use the potty yet. You don't even try."
You could tell this really burned her britches! And she was not about to let that go...NO WAY...and to be 4...I wouldn't have either. :) So....
Sasha: "Well, I AM NOT using the potty! Sorry, YOU LOSE!"
Me: *****speechless*****
In fact, I called my mom who told my dad and he started to chuckle at the WHOLE thing! Really? Does no one support me in raising this little girl who has more attitude at 4 than most teens? LOL! :)
Nope....I - AM - TRULY - ON - MY - OWN! But, it's ok.....I have a secret weapon:

That would be my best friend! :) That little girl actually listens to him. She cares what he thinks....and when I am at my wits end with both kids...although Jon (my son) will tell you he does NOTHING to upset his sister! LOL! Which is NOT true! He thinks it's funny to upset her! ANYWAYS...when I am at my wits end....he swoops in like superman and takes over. He will get home from work and actually ASK: "What can I do?"
Before you think he is perfect....he is not without some imperfections....which some of my closest friends and his mom know! ;) BUT.....I think the way he is...totally scratches away whatever may annoy me! :) Besides...Like I said: He deals with literally TWO OF ME! And can still be a dad and a role model for this young man:

Which by the way.....WON'T let me take any pics of just him! 
Now, I can't do a post without a layout or something creative. So, here you go, but I had to write the whole thing because this layout made me think of so much! :) I am truly blessed. :)
What the journaling says: Your daddy and I talk all the time about if you really realize just how funny and beautiful you are! You are so carefree and your spirit is amazing! The light you always have in your eyes makes everyday BRIGHTER!

What I used: Bo Bunny (Patterned Paper), My Mind's Eye (matting paper all chipboard stickers except for the butterfly), ribbon and lace (stash), Heidi Swapp (chipboard butterfly). Photo Editing: PSE 7

Thanks for stopping! :)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing and I must say, it almost brought a tear to my eye. My daughter is also the spitting image of me (not in the physical sense). I now know what my mother went through as well. But however, I am grateful for how she has grown and turned into a beautiful young adult. I love your story and your layout is just beautiful. Just like your daughter. Love all the butterflies and flowers!!!! Katherine

  2. just beautiful my and miss you.