Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sometimes Life Takes You.....

I was looking through my blog the other night.  I reminisced about a lot of the memories that I have on here.  It really is a record of my life!  I also looked at all of the fun, "crafty things" that I have worked on in the past.

A lot has changed for Garth, myself, and the kids this past year. We have had so many blessings that it isn't even funny.

I'm not going to go in any particular order throughout this whole year---so just bear with me.

In July, I started filling out applications and sending my resume out.  I did have my doubts that I would find anything.  I would think to myself, "Who the heck is gonna want a stay-at-home mom who works part time at The Pita Pit."  Now, don't get me wrong here, The Pita Pit was a HUGE BLESSING for us this year. It got us through a rough time financially AND I met the BEST people. I still lovingly refer to them as my "Pita Peeps". :)

Anyways- at the end of July, I got a phone call from who would be my future boss. I had put in an application and resume (I think) in online to the Boy Scouts of America.  There was a posting on the local Job Service website that said that the local council Trading Post/Store needed a retail assistant.

So, I went to my interview and got to meet Michelle, my boss and Vickie, my other boss! :) I was so nervous at my interview that I thought that I had messed it up for sure. :) I wanted this job so bad because of the hours and the fact that it was more geared for "family" with the Monday through Friday hours and NO NIGHTS! :)

Well, I must not have messed up too badly because I had a message on my home phone (which funny enough I never check, so I told everyone that I didn't get the job, because I hadn't heard back yet.) and the message was from MICHELLE!!!  She offered me the position and I happily accepted. I did want to give Chrissy, my old boss, 2 weeks though.  She had worked with me through so much and was THE BEST BOSS and a truly awesome friend.

The new job meant more money for us, better hours for me and my family to do things together, and really just a great opportunity.

Well, a better job also meant that we could afford some things that we were thinking about getting. Our first purchase from that list was our FIRST camper.  We really had never gone camping as a family (you know, just me, Garth, and the kids).  We had been camping with my family before I was pregnant with Sasha, but it wasn't a very good experience.

We were only able to get in TWO camping trips before school started, but I wasn't going to complain.:)  I just can't wait until "Camping Season 2013"!  I really am hoping that we can have a fun filled Spring and Summer! :)

Sasha turned 5 in June and this year she was supposed to start Kindergarten in public school.  I had some reservations about this for a few reasons: 1- She just didn't seem "ready" for Kindergarten. AND 2- At the time of registration, she wasn't doing as well in speech as she is now. ***She is now getting transitioned out of speech! We are going to miss Miss Molly horribly though. I am not looking forward to that Good-Bye! Although, since I have been working, Garth has taken Sasha to her appointments.*** We were also having to maybe explore that Sasha may have very well have had a learning disability or worse (they were thinking Asperger's or ADD). I will tell you that during this time I was on bended knee A LOT praying for her.
So, we went around looking for different schools for Sasha.  I asked some friends what they recommended. I was wanting a Kindergarten that I was comfortable with, where I knew she wouldn't fall through the cracks.

A friend that we have known for years suggested Wee Disciples.  I knew they had a preschool program,  but I didn't realize that they also had a kindergarten class too. So, I called and spoke to Debbie (who ended up being Sasha's Kindergarten teacher).  We met and she showed that they go by the same curriculum as the public schools in order to insure that the transition for the kids when they switch, is an easy one. I did share with Debbie that we weren't sure, but thought that Sasha may have some issues and she said that it was fine and she would keep in contact with us and Molly and who ever else needed to know what was going on with Sasha! I will say that Debbie is the closest example of a good Christian person that I can come up with and she has so much patience with all the children. :) She is the best! We are VERY BLESSED to have been able to have her in Sasha's life. :)

So, the First Day of School happened and things went BEAUTIFULLY!!!  Then a week...then a month.....Sasha was SOARING!!!!! She really showed us all that we had underestimated her.  Her wings are growing more beautiful by the day!! :)
Jon has really only had one issue this year and that has been actually wanting to go to school.  We ended up having to meet with his teachers and counselor and he is now doing well. :) He really is a good kid, just stubborn as all get out. It is a blessing and a curse. :)

He made the A team in football this year.  He loves defense and that is where the coaches put him.  Although, I couldn't tell you the position, because I don't know a THING about football.  I can tell you I know what "champions" means and they were Great Falls' City Champs! :)
Garth and I celebrated 15 years of marriage on September 20th! It's funny because it doesn't seem like that long! We have had our ups and downs, but have been able to weather all of our storms and are better and stronger! :)

My only sadness I have is that with work, the kids' activities, family time, Garth time, taking care of the house, etc....I have had zero time for crafting.  That sucks! :(  But hopefully that will soon change for me. I hope to be able to organize some time for it.

So that's it! How have you been??

Thanks for reading!! :)


  1. Congrats on the new job, camper and all of the other great things! Hope the new year treats you even better:)

    1. Thanks so much, Lynn!! I hope you have a lovely New Year also!!!