Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Making a Comeback....

I have to say--I'm slowly , but surely getting back into blogging.  I would really love to get regular again.  Now, more than ever, I need my blog as an outlet.

Along with blogging, being an outlet for me--so is creating...

About four or so years ago creating was HUGE for me.  I scrapbooked, made card, created mini albums, and basically made anything I could think of.  I'm sure there are a lot of things that made me lose the want and need to get my creativity out.

Looking back on when I quit and potential reasons why--things seem like they are truly excuses and it upsets me now that I let people and situations get the best of me and steal something from me that I truly loved.

I've gained a lot of friends through scrapbooking...but with that, I have had some sadness too.

I've actually been lucky enough to work in TWO scrapbooking stores.  One was a local store here in town that brought some awesome people into my life.  I ended up working there to support my addiction.  I met one of my closest friends there.  Unfortunately, my little home away from home was in the same building that was part of a fire a few years back.  The store and a lot of its supplies were ruined by that fire.  My friend ended up leaving and going back home to Wyoming.  She did come up a few times and had some retreats, But all the work that goes into a retreat and the fact that attendance and sales just weren't there proved to be the end of that journey for me.

Although I was saddened by that, I found another friend on Facebook that ran a scrapbook store out of her home.  At first, we had a great friendship and was able to work together and spend time going to dinners, having some girls' nights, playing games, and laughing our butts off.  We actually got our families together.  But-when you have two very strong minded people, who speak their minds, butt heads--it's gonna be catastrophic for a friendship.  The relationship ended with bitterness and no way to mend.

These two things were a major factor in me losing my passion for creating.  There was also really no place to meet friends and craft together anymore.  All of us that were friends either lost touch or got too busy with life to make the time to get together and create together.

I understand getting busy will throw a wrench into your creative mojo, but between finding work and meeting people who didn't share my same passion--I began moving further from it.

Fast forward to the recent couple of years and I just couldn't bring myself to go down to my craft area and create.  Papers, ribbon, adhesive, etc.--all started collecting dust....Apparently my creative self was beginning to get dusty too.

I did have a couple of instances that I would make a birthday card or alter something.  I altered a clipboard that I used for work when I was a cake decorator for Sam's Club....unfortunately, it's still there. :(

But it wasn't until a couple of months ago that I started finding myself getting comfortable in my space again. I actually have a plan to implement until I have my mojo for creating back again.

I am actually VERY behind on my scrapbooking.  So, I'll take a group of pictures and make some layouts.  Once those are done, I move onto making cards.  I'll work on cards for 2 to 3 days and move into crafting with other elements-whether it's making a sign, wreath, etc.

Well, for this time around with scrapbooking, I pulled out some of Jon's Halloween  pictures from 2001! WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!  I was able to make a few groupings to total 4 pages!

All of these layouts were created with the My Mind's Eye Boo to You! and Spider's Web collection. I also used my Cricut---which I have also missed! The cartridge I used was October 31st.

They are a little more simple than I am used to, but it's a start!

Oh, the memories! Remembering Jon that young (He was 2 years old!) feels like it was yesterday.  He's now 15 and growing up way too fast!  I miss these times though.  Who doesn't miss their kids as little ones though?

Well that's it until the next time....which I hope is soon!

Thanks for stopping by and reading! :)

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