Thursday, July 2, 2009

"I look at you and I'm home."

I am so bad.....well, may be not bad, but behind! :) LOL! On June 25th, Lain Ehmann had an entry on her blog about home and what it means to her. She has moved from California to a new "home" back east (of course, the numbskull that I can be....I forgot, but I am sure as heck it is back east somewhere!) She said that she hasn't felt homesick like she did when she left for college. She realized that it was because "home" to her is where ever her hubby and kids are. :) I know a lot of us feel the same there! :)

She then gave us all a challenge to be inspired by and make a layout from this quote: "I look at you and I am home!" That beautiful quote came from Finding Nemo. :) I know I loved that movie but never got hit by that quote until I read a story from a REAL, LIVE person that it has touched. Is it not the most beautiful sentiment?

When I took this pic...I was making my "Weekend Me" book that Ali Edwards had on her blog a couple months back. I had all the pics taken but was so behind on everything that I haven't gotten it up on my blog yet. To this day, it is one of my most favorite projects that I have been inspired to do. :)

Garth and I were looking out the back window and I was trying to take pics of us together, but wanted it I just started snapping. Now if a lot of you know me, I can be comfy doing just about anything. LOL! So this pic was easy for was Garth that needed to chill. :) But I told him to act like the camera wasn't even there. After 20 or so pics (I am a constant "snapper")this is the pic we got and I put it on my layout.

You see, my kids will leave and I will be heartbroken, but I know I will always have Garth here to love me. Not to sound sadistic, but we always chat and hope that we die like the old couple in The Notebook. I know I could never live and be ok without him and he says he feels the same about me. Yes, we are that mushy and have been forever. :) LOL! I believe if we didn't have some type of "mush" then we wouldn't have a marriage! :)

Anyways-here is the layout! Thanks Lain! :)

What I used: Jenni Bowlin Studios-12x12 paper, Recollections gem brads, Greenbriar International fabric rose pins with Perfect Pearl mist (homemade) and inked with Disress Inks (Ranger), Webster's Pages Jounaling Cards, Bling on the journaling card is from the $1 bin at Michael's, The Paper Company for matting my photo, Distress Inks (Ranger) for distressing and aging my photo that was printed in black and white and edited in PhotoShop Elements 7.

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  1. How beautiful and charming. I have no doubt you will treasure this creation forever. It captures so much, and communicates a feeling to all those who behold.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    --Gracie from Imagine That