Friday, March 12, 2010

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!! What on Earth have I been doing?

WOW! I have got to get better about this blogging. I have to admit though, I did enjoy this little "hiatus" from the blogging world. I have been up to a lot.

I did try LOAD (LayOut A Day) in February and seemlingly failed at it again. Everyone there is so supportive though and the layouts I did get done got compliments. So, when I look at it that was a successful LOAD for me.

I am still on my trek to get something published or getting on a design team. What is funny though is that I am trying out for a couple of DT's and I am not as stressed anymore. I know I love what I do and I really don't do it for anyone but me. I also will not change my work that I do from my heart to mimic a lot of what gets accepted. At first my feelings were deeply hurt when I wasn't picked for DT's or my work wasn't picked up. I would beat myself up because I didn't share my cards, layouts, and projects with friends. Well, that is changing! :)

I will tell you that I am trying out for 2 DT's right now and I am so excited about both of them! :) I have had so much fun creating the projects that I did do for them and I will share my projects after the calls are over. I know my Facebook friends have been beyond supportive of me and what I do. I love you all and you make me feel so lucky to have the support I can truely count on! :)

I am still on Mountains of Memories design team and there is so much to look forward to from Jeanie. Yes, she is trying to sell the store, but she is trying to spread her wings also and is doing beautiful work that I get to work on also. Which is another reason why I need to get to blogging again. I want to help Jeanie as much as I can on her journey and I know it will be a successful one! :) I love you, Jeanie! ((HUGS))

However, the pic I am going to leave you with is of Miss Sasha. She is my night owl and has not had a decent bedtime for a week or more now, but she is by my side as I create and I love having her here. Besides, with Garth and Jon sleeping...I need some company! :)

This pic was taken when we were making sugar cookies to decorate for Jon's class for Valentine's Day. She was having just as much fun sneaking dough from the table. Can you not see the evidence?


  1. Love the picture Kathy, she's adorable and looks so much like Garth! It's good to see you blogging again.

  2. I can't wait to read more. I know what it's like when you need a break from blogging. As far as what to blog I never quite understood the point of one type of blog unless someone is to get paid for it. Otherwise I say do what you FEEL like doing. :)