Thursday, March 12, 2009

Excited for DATE NIGHT!!!!!! (and more)

Hey again Folks! :) Still no pictures of my creations for this week, but I am gonna try to get them on as soon as I can. :) I am excited for Friday night because Garth and I are having a date night. Those of you that are out there that are parents or even were parents KNOW how valuable these nights can be. :)

We are going to dinner and to a movie. We are thinking of seeing The Last House on the Left. It just looks good. Any of you who know me knows that I would NEVER be ok with someone hurting my kids and who ever were to do so better hide forever because I would catch up sooner or later to them. I know....I is wrong to have vengence and a lot of you who know me also know that is a thing I am CONSTANTLY working on.

One of the things that has BURNED me most lately is this WHOLE Rhianna and Chris Brown thing! UGH....I was mad when he hit and seriously injured her....but I was just puzzled beyond belief (at first, then mad!!) why she would take him back. WHY!!!??? I guess I am just that type of person that would never be ok with someone laying a hand on me. I do not feel it is right for men to hit women and I NEVER WILL!

It does let me know that I will raise Jon to treat women with kindness and respect and if he feels like he needs to blow up he needs to leave the area and cool off. I also will be raising little Missy (Sasha), to never take that kind of abuse (any for that matter!!!). I am hoping that they will see how great of a man their father is and how he respects me and loves me...even when I am FAR from lovable! I have to thank Peg and Wally (Garth's Parents) for that one. :) They raised a VERY GOOD MAN! :)

Anyways-On to happier things.....I was at MOMS tonight working (if that is what you want to call it!!LOL!) and chatting with Jeanie. I showed her some of my new layouts that I have done and she liked them and was just fun to be around tonight (she always is)...I really needed a break tonight from the children. By Thursday, the life of a stay-at-home mom is pretty crazy with school, homework, kids, etc. I have great kids, but they can both be little tyrants at times. Sasha and Jon had a disagreement today and I just had to laugh. They are both a little too much like each other....a little too much like me (did I just say that??)

Anyways.....I WAS AT MOMS TONIGHT!!!! Helping Jeanie put away NEW product (I love when she gets it in!!) and helping her get her classes ready for the Missouri River Breaks that is this weekend. She got in some Cricut Stuff for me to play with (make your own stamp kits and an A2 embossing folder kit) and some Glimmer Chips! I have to say I am so excited! She also got my Melting Pot in and we are both excited about that! :) YAY!

Well....I have a Doctor's Appt tomorrow, so I better get my buns to bed!
Thanks for reading....will chat soon!

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