Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why the NEW LOOK!?

Hey everyone! I made a New Year's Resolution for myself this year and it was to re-do my whole blog! :) I have been asking friends here and there to help, but either they weren't taking me seriously or I didn't come right out and say it. :) So, I decided to do it myself!

My blog now will not only have the same old fun stuff like pics of the kids and what we have been doing, but I am going to put all of my projects that I have done on here also. :) I have a lot of people want to see my stuff and I just can't figure out the time to show everyone, so now you can come here! :)

Also, I wanted a blog that was more "ME". If any of you have seen my Scrap Studio, (a friend, Shayla, uses that word), you will know that this page is SO ME! :) YAY! :) Which is why I chose to re-do it. :)

I will try to put music on here soon enough, but I will be putting pictures and projects on here first! :)

Oh, I have also put on here the blogs that I frequent....They are my faves! soon-

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