Saturday, March 14, 2009

Guilty Pleasures!

Hey everyone! I have to say that Garth and I had a wonderful date night last night! :) Thanks mom! :) We went to dinner at the New Prospector across from the Smelter. It was really good! :) I was able to get some prime rib (with all the fixins') and a dessert (oh and Garth got the same!)for $41.95. YUMMO! :)

The movie: The Last House on the Left was awesome! We were in the theatre with some pretty LOUD people. So, I didn't feel so bad with some of the out cries I had. It was good and all I will say is that justice is served in the end! >:)

Now, for some GUILTY PLEASURES! While Garth and I were waiting to get to the theatre for the movie we had some time to kill, so we went to Walmart! Now, really, how many of you who are now married with children go to Walmart for part or ALL of your date. I know we do and I know of a few others too! :)

Anyways-while we are at Walmart Garth ended up letting me get some of my romances that I have been reading. I will say that after reading the Twilight Saga, that any 25o page or less book is like reading a long little email! LOL! So, I ended up getting two more Harlequinn Super Romances to read after I am done with the one I am reading now. I will say....I have heard that some of the Harlequin Novels can be a little risque, but honestly, there has just been a lot of kissing, so I am totally ok. Edward and Bella's honeymoon was a lot more sexual than these books.

Also, my poor hubby (I am saying this because he ended up having to pay for them because I had to go to the bathroom!) Anyways- I LOVE and am a HUGE sucker for boy bands and teen pop at times. I love Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers! LOL! Yes, I listen to everything, but I love them too! :) Garth ended up letting me get both Jonas cds and the Miley cd. They all are awesome! :)

So, what are some of your guilty pleasures? LOL!

Ok-Well, I will chat soon!

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