Sunday, March 29, 2009


Right now, I feel like I am copying Teresa Collin's Blog from a couple of weeks or so back. She was feeling "blessed" and she even had the lyrics to Martina McBride's song, "Blessed" on her blog. I can't help it though....I feel very BLESSED today! :)

I was able to sleep in...I always am when I don't have anywhere to be, because my hubby will get up with the kids. Sometimes it is later in the morning, but sometimes it is early and he NEVER complains about it! :) I just love being able to trust that he will be in a good mood with the kids, even if he doesn't have enough rest and also that he is watching them and not sleeping. If any of you know Miss Sasha then you know there is no "not watching her" going on when she is up. LOL!

Also, I had been "baby proofing" our home with those cabinet locks that make the cupboads and drawers safer for tots. I was doing good and Garth was watching the kids, but Jon went downstairs and Sash was still in her chair and Garth went downstairs and got his power drill (I think that is what it is called.) and came up and helped me and then said that he wanted to not see me fighting with the screws and the screwdriver and that he could handle it. I was so relieved when he said that. :) LOL!

He gave Sasha a bath and then saw me scrubbing our kitchen floor on my hands and knees (yes, I am THAT anal!!!) and said he would take over....I argued on this one, but we settled on me sweeping and him scrubbing. :) My kitchen is beautiful! :) AND.....I will not be as sore as I would have been if he didn't help! :)

All this and he works and never complains (too much anyways) about anything! :)

Don't worry...I have not forgotten all my other BLESSINGS....but I really felt I should focus on my blessing that is my hubby, my best friend (that's a guy), Garth! :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. that's so sweet! :) hope the rest of your week goes well
    pop on over at midnight for a special surprise! :)