Monday, April 6, 2009

Hey all! "Playing Catch Up!"

Hey everyone!

I will be taking pics of projects I have been working on tomorrow and posting them. Also, if I can get some stuff on ebay up...I may be posting about that too. I will only if it pertains to crafting though. :) I did finish one or two layouts last week and am trying to finish my House of 3: House warming book. It is a totally fun project and well worth the money if you are wanting something to create and have fun with. The possibilities are endless!!!!! I will be showing pics of this tomorrow to let you see it. I chose to do a BIG book this time, but if and when I do some for gifts they will be WAY smaller. :)

Oh, those of you who have not been to the House of Three Site, here it is: . Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are a wonderful site and I did have a problem with something downloading once (right when they started..they were maybe a DAY into it) and their Customer Service is the BEST!!!!!!! If any of you 3 (Heidi, Janet, and Rhonna)are reading....I am sending a shout out! I know Rhonna commented a few posts back (very sweet post, THANKS).

I did do a couple of gifts that I didn't take pics of because they were surprises, but my fave was one I did for my friend, Lori (Love, Love, Love HER) and it was Lauren Meader's "Bun in the Oven" template from Papertrey Ink. Here is the address for that: ! :) These templates are so great.....not only do you get the file to print out and use FOREVER, you also get ideas from her and her design team! :) I will make another one and show you how fun it is! :) Lauren ROCKS!

Ok....I just didn't want you all to think I forgot my blog! Last week was such a BLUR!!!

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