Saturday, May 2, 2009

HOLY CRAP!!! It's NSD!!!!!! :)

LOL! I had the BEST National Scrapbooking Day! :) Garth made sure he took care of the kids while I scrapped my day away. We were supposed to be getting ready for Pictures for our Passports for when we go to Canada, but I was so happy when he said that we are just gonna do it next week! :) YAY!

Anyways- I did get my LOAD day 2 LO done and was pretty happy with it. I was also able to use my scraps that I got from my friend and swap buddy, Noell Hyman...also the host of PaperClipping Live! I love that show and I finally broke down and got a Paperclipping worth it people! :) Noell and her design concepts kick butt! :)

Ok....anyways...I did another LO for the LOAD prompt which was my hectic "mommy" schedule and also a "me" challenge for Scrapbook. com! I will post them both in the next two days! :) I also have to do a card before Monday for The Cuttlebug Spot. It will have tea bag folding. :)

Well, around 7pm I went to MOMS for a visit with the retreaters and I got the BEST hot rock massage also! :) I did do some work, but after the massage I would have done anything! :) I have to say that Jeanie's daughter kick's major massage butt! :) Selena was so awesome and didn't mind me talking THE WHOLE TIME! :) Yes, I talked the whole hour or so that she was giving me my massage. :) I know my friend, Shannon, would be wondering what I was thinking. :) Her massage therapist that she had one time here in Great Falls was just a wee bit talkative and Shan was not for that at all! LOL!

Anyways- I am gonna get on those LOs uploaded! :)

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