Sunday, May 3, 2009

"me" Layout

Ok...for all of you that know me, I have NEVER done a layout that is all about me! BUT....Lain Ehmann over at the LOAD Challenge had as a prompt to do a LO about "crazy family life" =, she put in there we could do a schedule if we wanted to. :) Then over at, they asked for a LO that is all about "me". I was like....YIKES!!! Does anyone scrap about themselves? Well the answer to that is: YES! :) And today, I became one of them! :)

I pulled out my Bind-it-all, my Teresa Collins Paper, Bling, my rose bud Memento marker and got to work.

I started with writing my schedule for during the week, during the school year on the Teresa Collins- Journal-It Girl 12x12 paper. I almost didn't have enough room on the paper and I didn't have enough pics of me for a 2 page LO, so I smushed it down a bit!

Next, came the pics...I have been trying to take more of myself for projects and pages and stuff so I did have some of those. :) So I printed one out in Black and White and another out in color. Then came the time to put them on....YIKES....I was gonna be taking up a lot of space with just 2 pics! So....I knew that BIA had a challenge to use your BIA for any project that wasn't a book. So, that is what I did. I put the BIA to work. I punched the holes and put my o-wire in. Once that was done, I put pink and black dotted ribbon through the o-wire. I finally put velcro dots on the bottom of each pic, so if/when people wanted to see my schedule....they could just lift the pic and there it was! :) I added a little ephemera too. :) The pink rose was cut from a card I got at Goodwill that just "spoke" to me! :) Then I added some small "me" touches and some bling and WALLA....a ME LO! :)

This is the layout, the top title portion has "me" and the bottom has, "Subject "2" changE", is that not the truth!!

The picture being lifted to reveal the rest of my schedule! :)

This is just the second picture being lifted, but you can see the velcro dot better! :)

What I used: Teresa Collins Journal-It Girl 12x12 paper

Memento Rose Bud Marker (fine tip end)

Me and My Big Ideas Icon Bling (crown)

Micheal's $$ Bin (heart bling images)

Michael's Bling (butterflies, flowers, reg. stones)

Creative Memories Letter Stickers


  1. I LOVE this layout!
    The title is awesome....I should use it on one of my layouts....

    Awesome work girl!