Friday, May 22, 2009

Houston, we have a winner! ;)

Hey everyone! :) Well, if you aren't in my immediate circle then you probably didn't get the call today that I won a contest that I had entered a while back. :) I was so excited when I went to the BIA Blogsite today and started to read about the winners of the BIA's Beyond the Book Challenge. :) Just like with the Tim Holtz Kit I won last week, I didn't realize that I had actually won until I saw proof. I was reading about one of the winner's "me" layout...I even read MY NAME! BUT, it wasn't until I SAW my layout staring me in the face that I realized....OH MY GOSH!!!! I WON! :)

FYI, I am almost done with my "Weekend ME" minibook! :) So that is coming soon! :)

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