Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Other Ramblings & My House of 3 Book! :)

Ok, everyone that I "leaked" to! :) LOL! I am done with my House of 3: House Warming Book, but I have friends that come to my blog and then I have a page one a web group I am a part of and there are people on there that would like to see my project too. Since I am going to be taking pics and pretty much posting the same thing on both pages...I will be putting it on the Beautiful Blog tomorrow or tomorrow night. Then for my buddies at the Crop Circle...I will be putting it on shortly after. For a couple of my 2 peas friends....it is coming....but not for a couple of days. Sorry... :) I am not sure how many MOSers see this blog, but I always send out a Update Email so you all will get that and if you are a personal friend of mine you will get it also.

It has been a FUNKY week this week to say the least. I am still waiting on my Scor-pal, but was promised it was coming...so hopefully soon. I would like to get my friend, Jeanie's back to her. She is so good she actually can score a card on her own....I will say it is rough to be spoiled with the tool's of today..I can't score a card to save my life! :) LOL! I also got totally screwed over (sorry about the language) by Paypal (well, not them some foreign people) and had to get everything reversed....WHY DO WE HAVE SUCH LOW LIVES IN THIS WORLD??? They break into things and steal stuff that isn't theirs and make life just miserable. Notice how it is hard for the victim to reverse everything than it was for the a$$H@%# who takes your stuff (money, goods, etc.)...and Oh, yes, I DID say what you think. What is this world coming to? I will say that Paypal does have good Customer Service! :) I really couldn't understand them, but they repeated when I needed it and we got everything straightened out. YAY!

I have had NO TIME this last week or this week and FRIDAY I am at MOMS for 12 hours !!!! AHHHHH! I love being there so much and I seriously need to get my bank up, but I have so much to get ready for in life and family things that I am screaming inside! I know some of you are more busy than me! I feel so bad for you!! :) {hugs to you} Which is the reason that some of you are not seeing any new projects yet. They are coming. :)

Oh, BTW, I have so much to do at MOMS that I really do need to be there....it isn't just a want thing...the severity of the case is making it a NEED thing! :) LOL! I am so dramatic...I know....I so wish I had Ali Edwards Chi (is this the way you spell it??)! LOL! For some of you that go to her blog....is she NOT the most calm individual ever? I wish I could be like that!

Ok...I am gonna finish binding my book and then getting it upstairs for pics tomorrow....which is happening between Miss Sasha (so sweet!), grocery shopping (since I used my bad word for the day..I will not go there), and getting Jon (my little man!! So cute)...oh and another Spring Cleaning room done (Miss Sissy-Kin's Playroom is next)...I may even post my rooms one by one as I get them cleaned! Some rooms may leave you saying, "Wow, Kath, I could have lived a life time with out seeing your (bathroom or bedroom)!!" So we will see! :)

Well....by for now...so, do you think I am gonna sleep tonight? ;)

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