Monday, April 13, 2009

You have to read this!!! (LESS IS MORE)

As most of you know, I LOVE reading my blogs! :) I have a decent sized list of blogs I go to everyday to see just what my "friends" are up to and/or what they create.

I was on my daily Blog Look and came to Molly Irwin's: I will say....all of you should go there. She definitely wrote about the here and now today. She wrote about "less is more". A lot of us are struggling with the economy right now. Some have lost jobs, some have lost hours, some are just plain lost! :( I can barely get out of our weekly Walmart neccessities without spending a MINT on what we need! My mother-in-law will say we have more than enough food to feed a small country, but we have a lot less than we used to. We used to go out to eat every week...not so much anymore. I DO NOT miss it at all, in fact I am loving cooking. Those of you that know me, know this is a HUGE thing for me....I love making food...sometimes just to taste it and make my hubby and kids happy. :)

Yesterday was Easter for us. We usually make Easter just as HUGE as Christmas. This year was totally different. We did still get the kids stuff. Jon got some gift cards, so I didn't waste a ton of money on things that he would be breaking or tossing within a week. We got Sasha a book and some of her fave candies and a couple of pretty ponies from Michael's. AND YOU KNOW WHAT?!?!?! They were just as happy as if we would have spent a ton of money on them. I made a London Broil that was in the freezer from when SAm's Club ran a special on two HUGE London Broils for around $7. We had baked potatoes, rolls, and salad. No dessert today...there was candy and we were fine with that. It had to be our cheapest holiday meal ever. LOL!

Molly also said she was going to post some of her crafts she will be doing this week. The plus is that all of them will be made of stuff she already has! :) I really need to do that. I know I work for credit at the scrapbook store, but there are times I still spend money there, because I have to have what I want NOW! WHY!?!?! Why do some of us feel like this? The good thing for business owners is they can stay open because of people like me and there are a TON of us. BUT...the bad thing is that NONE of us that are spending are really getting all that fullfilled. Yes...I will admit that I love using the newest papers and tools. I love getting things as they come out, but that the smartest approach with our economy now? Can I sell my layouts to pay my mortgage? doesn't look like I was thinking when I was excited, huh? Nope I wasn't.

I am gonna try something. I am gonna try my best to scrap with what I have until I have gone through a lot. If I don't want it, it is going on Ebay...somebody will want it right?

Please, go to Molly's Blog: , let me know what you think. She really knows what she is saying. :) Thanks Molly!

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  1. Glad you liked what I wrote, Kathy. I was hoping it didn't sound 'preachy.' I used to work retail and that is an entirely different kind of temptation! So much the harder, and patterned papers and chipboards, etc. those small price points make that little bit here and little bit there seem harmless, but it sure can add up. My decision was absolutely based on tightening our belts, but as you say .. there's so much we don't miss.