Thursday, April 9, 2009

Really busy! :)

I actually got the pics of my House of 3: Housewarming Book done last night (Wednesday night/Thursday morning) and just need to upload them along with the 2 layouts I did. I tried something new on both layouts, so if they don't see like me that is probably why...I stepped WAY out of my box for them. :)

Got my Wally-mart shopping done last night and got a little Sam's club too. I met my mother-in-law at Walmart and we shopped for a while. She gave me my b-day money from her and Auntie and I picked out a BIG food processor and a waffle iron. I realized that I either buy stuff to help with what we eat or stuff to create. LOL!

I am probably gonna have to take Little Chica to the drs Thursday. Poor thing had a fever when she woke up at 11pm Wednesday night and it was almost 101 degrees. I guess I am officially the only one in my family who never gets sick. So, we may be very close to home this Easter. I was hoping to do something, but it probably isn't gonna happen. It's all good though...with old age Garth and I are really becoming homebodies. We are FINE holed up in our home with the kids.

The good thing is that my usual "Homebody", Jon, has been playing outside non-stop. He has been taking his bike out with his friend Devin. At first I was so scared to let him go off and have fun. I worry about him. I am the mom that walked her son inside the school and to his classroom everyday until he told me I didn't need to in second grade. Now, that he is becoming a young man....I can baby him even less. I am trying to raise a good son and want the best for him and hope that he is safe all the time. The good news is he came home safe, but covered in mud....TOTAL BOY!

While I am on the subject of Jon...I am so proud of him! :) My little (well, young) man got Perfect Attendance and Gold Honor Roll for this quarter in school! :) He is just the best! :) I just love how he glows with happiness and pride when he pleases himself with achieving what he wants in what he does. :)'s 3:30am and I am so tired, but I needed to clean my craft area tonight. :)

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