Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our Beautiful Tomboy Layout! (My Rare Flower)

This is a plumeria! Is it not beautiful?!?! It is AND it is also rare. Especially one this beautiful!

When people think of 3 year old little girls. They think of princesses, pink, having fun doing gorgeous hair dos, and probably the start of dance class. Funny enough, about 5 years ago, I felt the same way. :) I wanted a "Little Princess" of my own. I wanted her to be blond and blue eyed. :) I wanted her to have beautiful lips. I had dreams of putting her in dance classes and a closet full of PINK! :) Three years ago, that very prayer was answered. God sent me this gorgeous girl.

Blue eyes and BLOND, CURLY hair! :) I was in love the moment I laid eyes on her. Suddenly the 2 miscarriages and months of not getting pregnant seemed to be ok, because I was BLESSED with what I wanted! :) RIGHT?!?!?!

Well, let me tell you something. God always has a way of letting you know he is in control. :) He gave me the beautiful blond girl with the blue eyes. BUT....that is where it ends. HA! I have a three year old little girl that would rather be IRONMAN than a PRINCESS. She would rather wrestle and run and get dirty than dance. As for doing her hair????Even when she lets me and it looks perfect...she hates it. She lobes having her hair down and nothing done to it. And you know what??? I am SO ok with that! :) I definitely have a RARE FLOWER. I am so proud of her and she is (along with her Big Brother) one of the best things that has ever happened to me. They are my reason for getting up in the morning and breathing. :)

So now for the layout. :) I love catching these types of moments between Garth and Sasha. She loves her Daddy so much and if you ask anyone in the family....he is so in love with her. He really didn't put her down for the first year of her life. His mom would get so frustrated with him when we would go over for dinners. Garth made it a sport to be able to do everything with one hand. He cherished her and didn't want anything to touch her. LOL! And we wonder why she didn't walk until she was 16 months old! HA!

Anyways- These moments will always be cherished to me. :) They are something I hope I can remember even when I am old and senile! ;)

Here is the layout!

This was a rub-on for K &Co that I HAD to use on this one! :) TeeHee! :)

I just loved this tag from Ali Edwards for Designer Digitals. :) The journaling says: Date: February 5th, 2010.
Memory:  Oh my goodness, Sasha! You make your father and I smile with your "tomboy" ways.  We just LOVE that you are not the usual "girly girl".  You have always loved any type of Sport Helmet (football, hockey) and this day you saw Daddy's hockey gear in the laundry room. Daddy put his helmets on you and you really, really ENJOYED yourself! Of course, we weren't complaining at all!

Also from Designer Digitals I used this "Simply Sealed- Daddy's Girl" stamp by Katie Pertiet. :) I really went a little hybrid for this project! :) I love it! :)

What I used: 12x12 Patterned from WeRMemory Keepers (MVP Line), Basic Grey (Marrakech) for matting, DCWV Textured Cardstock for matting, American Crafts Thickers, K & Co Rub-ons (Cherish and You are so beautiful to me), heart bling (I am never sure where I get my BLING!), also not sure where I got my black jeweled brad. ;), Ali Edwards "It's all in the details" Tag from Designer Digitals (edited on PSE 7) and Simply Sealed Daddy's Girl digital stamp by Katie Pertiet for Designer Digitals.
Thanks for reading! :)

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