Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Got to Me.........

Hello Friends! :) I know I have talked about the Brave Girls before in a post on my Beautiful Return blog. Kathy and Melody are just the most beautiful souls out there. :)  I read their Brave Girls' Daily Truths all the time, in fact, I subscribe. To me, there are some that just keep me in check or make me realize that NOW IS THE TIME.

This was the Daily Truth from October 22nd.

This is what it means to me:  I have A LOT of trust issues, for a LOT of reasons. Therapy has helped me work through a lot of them. But I know in my post a couple of days ago about Sasha and her preschool situation I said that we had been through so much with Jon.  Well, I won't be naming names and running people through the mud, but I think I would like my followers and in essence, my friends to know me...completely. :)

When we first moved into our home we had horrible neighbors. From the first day, I should have had on my WARNING LIGHTS constantly. The mom asked our second day in the house if she could just put her kids over our fence to play with Jon. I was like: "ok."  I am a very social person most of the time. This lady was the first one to hold that against me. Anyways- I kept the boys for about 6 hours that day and fed them dinner and dessert and then she came and got them. Everything was all good until the day when they invited Jon over to slip and slide. The boys' Aunt was there and Jon and the two boys had fun until one of the little peeps decided NOT to listen. As Jon was coming down the slip and slide the other boy got on the slip and slide and Jon collided with him. Jon was a little shocked, but ok. BUT....the other little person was acting like he was dying which caused his Aunt to try to chew my son (3 almost 4 years old at the time) out. Thank God I was there. As you all know by now, when it comes to my kids...I am a bear. I jumped in and grabbed Jon and told her what  I thought she was (I was a lot younger than and won't apologize, but I would have used the same language in front of Sasha....I would hope.) Then I took my boy home. You would think that I would have learned my lesson. NOPE.

Fast forward another year to when Jon started Kindergarten. The school, in their infinite wisdom (NOT THIS TIME, although I do love Valley View.), put Jon and the older boy in the same kindergarten class. UGH....this is what I will always refer to as Kinder Hell. Yep, although, the first few months were great. Jon and the neighbor boy did good as classmates. The mom and I even ended up in a Bible Study together.  Then my bestie's son's b-day hit. So, from the slip and slide incident we have learned that our neighbor's older boy really makes drama out of nothing. Weird for a boy, but ok. Well, the dad's were playing football on a trampoline and all the little boys were playing and it wasn't as rough as it sounds. It was totally supervised. AND....then neighbor dad threw the ball and it was up in the air and both boys (mine and theirs) went for the ball. COLLISION....again...Jon, nothing. Their kid....you would have thought he was dying. The father preceded to yell at my son and ask what the HELL was wrong with him. Well, my hubby was in shock as was everyone. The only person that seemed to be able to act through the shock was me....as the father got in my face and decided to yell at me...I yelled back and told him that I would not speak to him. Yeah....again if I was thinking...I would have KNOWN that if they were coming we should have just taken My bestie's son out for his birthday. BUT....in my youth I was ignorant and thought everyone could get along.

Anyways-the following week we were at Bible study and there was a HUGE blow-up between me and the mom. She then preceded to tell the whole Bible study that her son was having bathroom issues because of Jon (I did ask the teacher and she let me know that was NOT the case.) and that her life was horrible because of me and my son.

Long story short....sides were taken (I hate that) and friendships were lost.  I did end up with Bex...which is awesome. So, when grown ladies, some older than me, acted like that I just began not to trust. Then there was an incident when Jon was in first grade, but let's just say that it was not what made me. THE NEIGHBOR incident(s) is what made me what I am today.

So, of course with the stuff with Sasha I was going to think the worst of the preschool. After all, I felt like I needed to jump into protection mode for her. BUT....the best thing? The day after my blog post was written, two of the moms got a hold of me.  We talked...as adults. It was not a one sided conversation and NO YELLING was involved. I was blind sided at first...I was like...people really act like this? LIKE ADULTS??? Yep, by the end of that next night..we have moved on from what happened.  I still decided to keep Sasha out, but the best thing? We are all on speaking terms, our children can play and we can call each other friends.

So, without seeing Kathy/Melody's Brave Girls' truth, I was already seeing that there is GOOD in the world. That there are people who are out there who don't give up on a friendship because of a disagreement. This is a very good thing. :) So, like the truth said: open your heart. :) There is so much good out there...you have to be willing to see it though. Which means you may need to be willing to be hurt, but maybe a few hurts are worth the beauty of a lifetime. :)

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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  1. This is a great post and you have no idea how bad I want to believe it. I know some great people, like you, but not very many. Workin on it tho! :)